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Pop&Lolli – Giant sized imaginations brought to life!

Q: Whats  better than big wall decals?

A: GIANT wall decals!!

This is exactly what Mia had in mind when she created Pop and Lolli, a line of over-sized wall art, rich in detail and filled with fun and fantasy to build an immersible environment for the child to play and live in. She gives us a chic, fun and funky  line of  huge wall decals that are dense in color and bold in pattern.

Pop and Lolli believes in IMPACT and what better way to do that than through size! Their decals are all made of eco friendly fabric, completely free of PVC and lead. They are also a whole lot sturdier than the vinyl ones you get in the market. Mia’s decals are the results of her imagination brought to life through her brilliant illustration and strong sense of color. She calls her line “PICTURE POETRY”- Experiencing design as an opportunity for expression and exploration,  something every kid deserves.

Pop and Lolli has a wide variety of designs to choose from and play around with. The most fun part of the these decals are that they  can re-used and repositioned over and over again. A mix here a match there and voila, you have a new look, mood and a different story on your walls that keeps pace with the growing sensibilities of your kids.

If you aren’t yet convinced that Pop and Lolli is just what you need in your homes, then here’s a something that might add value. With every purchase of  a Pop & Lolli decal set, (it’s) chic 2 change will provide educational materials and resources to positively influence a South African child in need. If you’re wondering why South Africa? Mia was born and raised in that lovely country and this is her way of giving back!

Hop over to Pop and Lolli and be prepared to be blown away! Lets be chic to change!!

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April 4, 2011   3 Comments

Bedtime readings

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Unfortunately it’s been quite chaotic lately and truth be told, I haven’t been very disciplined either.  After a pleasant chat with myself, we are resolved to be slightly more disciplined about posting, albeit at a more relaxed cadence.
Without further ado,  I’d like to introduce to you the remarkably talented Divya, from Sound Horn Please giving us an insight into various lovely books from India that capture ones imagination through gorgeous graphics and colors. Enjoy…

TS readers, I blog over at Sound Horn Please- a blog with a distinct Asian flavor. I blog on design, décor, feature South Asian artists and well throw in the odd nostalgia laced posts.
TS invited me to do a post on what’s hot and what’s new in the Indian children’s book industry. So here goes!
Tulika Books
With the average price of a book at $10, Tulika brings adorable titles like Snoring Shanmugam, Mallipoo, Where Are You? and My Brother Tootoo catering to all ages.
Some of the reasons I LOVE Tulika:
  1. For their Thumb Thumb series- At the end of every book children make their own thumbprint drawings and read out loud “I can read this book”. Awwwww!
  2. Their collection of bilingual books- Trying to teach your child a spattering of our native tongue from far, far away? You’ve found your answer!
  3. For their Under the Banyan series- A wonderful attempt to preserve folklore from different regions of India. Even the illustrations are adapted from the art forms of the region!
Tara Books
Tara Books has a much smaller repertoire of books unlike Tulika. However, it boasts a number of award winning titles and Tara’s handmade books (hand printed and bound) are a treasure that can be handed down generations.
The ‘To Watch Out For’ List:
  1. Do!- It introduces basic verbs to the young reader through a series of brilliantly drawn pictograms, rendered in the Warli art style.
  2. The spectacular 3D ABCD book. You can watch the youtube video here.

My personal favourite- Kadam’s Potli range is a series of DIY craft/art kits for children in traditional Indian art forms from various regions. The exhaustive list includes, Madhubani from Bihar, Hand Block Printing from Rajasthan & Gujarat, Warli from Maharashtra, Santhal from Orissa, Gond Painting from Madhya Pradesh, Patua from Orissa, Phad painting from Rajasthan and Chittara from Karnataka.
That ain’t all folks- the kits come with a DVD of 5 animation films of various folk tales from India! You can buy them here and here.
When I found these, I wanted to buy them all for myself! Where else can one source natural colours as used by artists nowdays?
Tot Stylist thank you SO much for inviting me over. Very kicked!

Divya appreciate you taking the time and thank you so much for sharing this delightful collection. Look forward to hearing more from you!
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March 25, 2011   5 Comments

Will be back soon…


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March 13, 2011   No Comments

Friday finds…

Ensemble – The style of music, Music and fashion have always been interwoven. Moxy creative gives us their representation of this through a series of posters depicting each artist with his individual fashion statement. What you see above is a collective poster, they also have individual posters for individual artists.

ABC chairs via anastasiagerali is a series of 26 typographic chairs by designer Roeland Otten. Wouldn’t you love a room full of this to rearrange and create in your own words??

Ann wood’s cardboard horse stampede, I have a really huge blank wall in my living space that desperately calls for something like this. I think this is a really fun craft for the whole family to enjoy. The possibilities are endless here,  so go ahead give it a try.

Juri Zaech’s Write a bike via Poppy talk… Now wouldn’t we all love a customized bike like this? It is for now a form of art and Juri Zaech is currently working on making a prototype of the same.

Curiosity, a Portland based creative marketing agency features a monthly paper toy calender to download. I know it’s already March, but these calenders are just too adorable to pass on.

Fashionable food from head to toe via spitchatchow. I often hear my mom’s voice telling me “don’t play with your food”, but maybe if only she had let me !!

Exaggerated chunky knit stools as playful statement pieces from textile designer,  Claire-Ann O’ Brien. How gorgeous are these? If you’re a knitter or have access to one, try these out and update some of your existing stools.

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March 4, 2011   1 Comment

Mommy & Me… Out for a stroll

March 3, 2011   1 Comment

Little style Icons

‘ Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn ’ - Gore Vidal. To know who we are is a challenge for most of us, but I don’t believe that is the case with kids. They are little people with BIG personalities and most times they know exactly what they want. It’s us, the adults who sometimes misinterpret them and believe that we know best or not! I know there are a lot of people out there who believe in ‘ let kids be kids ‘, and don’t try and dress them up otherwise. I’m all for that standpoint, however I also believe that introducing young minds to exercise their creativity by throwing them a palette of colors, textures and finishes will no doubt shape them to be who they are in the future. After all a man is known by clothes he wears :) Here’s my take on the Little fashion icons of today, My all time favorite among these young celebrities is Kingston Rossdale. I haven’t come across an outfit of his to date which hasn’t caught my fancy. Almost everything he wears seems to accentuate his personal style and attitude, which translates to being very urbane, edgy and high fashion. When you have parents who dominate the fashion world and set trends, your bound to see that come through in their kids. One such is Cruz Beckham, the youngest of the Beckham-Posh clan. His style is classic, cool and preppy.

It’s never too early to dream, to believe in yourself and to make that a reality. Jaden Smith, a talented young star, who is not only noted for his acting skills, but also for his dressing sensibilities. He actually embodies high fashion and struts the red carpet impeccably put together.

There is nothing cuter than starting life with a laid back carefree, boho look. This little syle icon sure got that right. I love the fashion statement Levi Mcconaughey makes. Every time I look at his pictures it transports me back to seventies era of free spirit. How absolutely adorable is this this little guy. Note to self : I need to draw some inspiration from his style!

What do Henry Samuel and Max Bratman have in common? Children of Musicians, sure! that they are. They also have that casual sportswear style that tie them together. It’s hip, comfortable and very trendy.

I believe Style is something that comes naturally to us, over the years some of us build on it and evolve it into something that makes us who we are, while some others shy away from it and keep it underlying, but trust me, style emanates from all of us in almost everything we do. So people bring it out in the open and embrace it! Have fun with it. This is definitely my favorite style icon, My little muse, who really has no particular style that he adheres to as of now. As I had mentioned his aesthetic sense is based on the mood of the day, and for today it is Preppy classic! :)

Photo credits: People, Just Jared, Perez Hilton

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October 22, 2010   5 Comments

The $50 put together look

SALE .  This sign anywhere lights up my eyes! I am all for a good deal! I must admit that this marketing strategy does work for consumers like me. It was my weekend, and I was in the midst of a well deserved lounging session, when this single email popped up. It made me jump up and bolt out of the door. GAP was having a sale,  50% off jeans. How could I not go check this out. I had an “Alice in wonderland ” kind of day. I picked up a  whole lot for the family!, the shopaholic inside me jumped out and had fun! Here’s a peek at one of the pairs I bought for my tot, and how we paired it up together.

This whole look cost me under $50, so needless to say I am thrilled with my bargain of the day. Seen here is the

GAP skinny jeans $15 (On sale) they have an online sale just for today with up to 50% off, try your hand and see if you can get a good deal out of this ,

Children’s Place hooded tee $6

(was on clearance and used the 20% off coupon), not sold online,

Children’s Place high top trainers $16 (used the 20% coupon),

Macy’s Sean John belt $4 ( clearance rack last year ),

H&M side zipper cord cap( two seasons ago ) $6

That is a total of $47!

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October 28, 2010   2 Comments

Quilted Luxury this winter

Stylish and warm? Absolutely, that’s exactly what this season’s hottest jacket does for one. The Puffer jacket is the one trend this season that will definitely keep any little guy warm and cozy.

It’s the perfect accoutrement for the chilly winter outings. The first honest wisps of winter hit us this morning, which means time to  bring out those layers, and get bundled up.  What was once known to be used only by skiers is indeed today’s must have winter wardrobe essential. I must admit, I’m not particularly fan of donning the jacket for myself, however I love the look on kids. It adds to their adorable factor. The puffer jackets sure have come a long way in the past few years, and have managed to get that perfect balance between fashion and function. The ones that caught my eye this season were jackets with glossy finishes. I love the luxe that the gloss adds to an otherwise very functional piece of outerwear. If your little guy doesn’t have one of these in his wardrobe this season make sure to go grab one and don him in it.


The one above is the H&M color blocked puffer jacket. Unfortunately H&M does not have an online presence here in the United States yet. They have opened their online stores currently only in Europe. Here are a  few other puffer jackets that have caught my attention this season .

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October 25, 2010   3 Comments

Stella McCartney for little guys

It’s been all over the Internet, every article seems to cover it and just like any designer collection debut, it comes with its frills and flounces. The Stella McCartney kids collection targets an age group of 0-12, both girls and boys.

I perceive this whole collection as being very understated, comfortable, and  laid back.  The pop of color this collection promotes seems to be turquoise/teal, a very unexpected choice, especially for boys.That being said, I must confess this is what caught my attention. I love the aesthetics and styling of  this collection. A neutral palette with just enough pops of color, how perfect!. Think about it,  just picture the whole collection without that touch of turquoise or  yellow…shall we say mellow? Kudos to Stella, who has injected modern and fun to  this classic and timeless collection.

Enjoy the pictures below, while we wait for her to launch this collection on November 3rd.

This is her kids wear debut collection, however she isn’t new to designing kids wear. Earlier she partnered with GAP for two seasons and brought out some incredibly delightful pieces that had people wanting to see more from her. True to the demand here it is,  her first line of kids wear. It is a Stella Mc Cartney collection after all, so here comes the the price range drum roll… $20-$200! bad? Not bad? OK? Good? Honestly I don’t know. I love the collection, oh yes I do, but would I don my little dapper in a $200 coat that he would wear one season?  maybe not!

What I intend do however is look out for more budget friendly versions of the same, pairing pieces I can find from various other brands to create a similar look. If this sounds like something you might do too, join me next week while I post the look for less… till then ‘ Happy Halloween’ to one and all.

Photo credits: Stella McCartney

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October 29, 2010   3 Comments

Outward bound

Mixing fabrics and textures through layering to create this rugged composition seems to be really in for this fall. Its a recreation of masculine vintage with modern elements. Lets say “ready to go camping look”, worn to stroll through the city streets. It’s rugged yet polished!

My play on this trend is mixing the shearling with the plaid and the casual over dyed jacket, accentuated with tiny pops of  color and slick boots. The key piece here being the shearling vest.

Fur was all over the runway this fall for both men and women. When you say fur one immediately thinks of luxury and glam and the obvious association with women’s wear. However designers have managed to bring that trend into men’s wear without the stigma of being feminine,through the introduction of shearling.

The shearling trend is really big this fall and its burgeoning popularity shows through in the men’s, women’s, and kid’s collections. Sherpa (faux fur) is more commonly used in kids wear as it is less expensive. It was once associated with aviator jackets because of the warmth it provides. It keeps the pilots nice and toasty when they are up in the air. They are known to be a tough guard against the bitter cold, and believe me they are! You definitely want to bring them out only when the weather demands it. I would say that it is a perfect marriage of style and function.

I’m all for this GAP sherpa vest as my little tot’s fall staple item. I like the fact that it is easy to slip on and off, and also does not add any unnecessary bulk, as with the puffer vests. It can also be  easily paired with absolutely any jacket you have, unlike having a shearling/sherpa lined jacket that you can’t keep repeating. Go grab one of these and complete your little tot’s fall wardrobe!

  • Gap sherpa vest (not available online, it is available in the stores though) $26
  • H&M plaid pants $19,
  • Osh Kosh long sleeve tee $10
  • Old Navy hooded jacket (not available online, it is available in the stores) $25
  • Children’s Place shearling lined hat (not available online) $8.50, alternate link
photos via
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November 4, 2010   4 Comments

Don Draper Dopplegangers of the Millennium

Retro is IN!! It’s everywhere…not just in fashion. From interiors to exteriors, furniture to fittings and everywhere in between.

Don Draper, the 1960′s iconic embodiment of success, style and attitude from the ever so popular AMC series “Mad Men” seems to be at the center of it all

Staying true to this vintage trend of being suited up, my future Don Draper’s of the 21st century took center stage. Donning their trendy vests and dandy blazers, these modern mini trend setters get ready to hit the road, retro inspired.

The blazers and vests are must have pieces  in this years fall wardrobe. They can play the line very well between crisp formal and weekend casual depending on how you pair them. A lot of stores are brimming with different versions of these two products. Try them out, pair them well and get your tot to create his own personal style for the season!

Outfit details:

Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper in the Mad men drama rocks the key pieces (casual blazer and the versatile vest) of the season here , in the stills from his new movie. {photo credit W magazine}

Disclaimer:Pure eye candy here! :)

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November 11, 2010   5 Comments

Little pumpkin pickers

With Halloween less than a week away pumpkin picking seems to be on everyone’s mind. I did my bit of pumpkin picking over the weekend and I sure had some strong helping hands working with me in the form of two little city tots donning their work boots. Introducing the adorable style icon “Model-R”, along with my in-house style icon “Model-I” in a laid back, cool, casual farm boy look all the way.

Watching these little guys in action brought me back to my childhood days, not that I was ever clad in dungarees or overalls and pranced around a farm. The nostalgia this brought about was more from the books I grew up on…the stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn,  Mark Twain’s classic novel.

I don’t think I have ever had so much fun picking pumpkins as I did this year, and I must thank these little people who went out of their way to make sure I got a great workout at the site. I’ll be honest though, this was one time I was glad I didn’t have twins to deal with at home. Boy! Was it an exhausting experience!

Seen on Model-R :

Seen on Model-I :

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October 26, 2010   4 Comments


Yporque which means “why” in Spanish is the brainchild of three women from three different walks of life, advertising, design and psychology . They have captured the essence of curious little minds creatively and stylishly. The concept behind their product is to stimulate the child’s senses while keeping him engaged and donned trendily and comfortably. Whats not to love about this design philosophy? Just what every parent wishes for, comfortable stylish clothes that their little ones actually enjoy wearing.


left to right: Rockband, Superhero, Rockband, Farwest

They have clothes that actually speak to the children, their t-shirts are tactile and let kids explore textures. They also have interactive t-shirts and sweat shirts which play sounds/music (how fun is that?), and tell stories. For those little ones with over-imaginative minds, they even have a range of t-shirts for pretend play!

Stimulating t-shirts

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of this collection, you can tell that they do not go the traditional route when it comes to colors. They believe in the philosophy of worn out, de-saturated colors. More on the lines of a  mature color palette, as opposed to something you would see in  mainstream kids wear . They also take comfort very seriously, their entire range is made of an eco- friendly enzyme washed cotton.

Unfortunately they only have one store currently retailing their product in the United States, Murik Children’s store in San Francisco. They do have a lot of online retailers though, mostly based out of Europe, one in Hong Kong and one in Singapore augustinparis (they even ship internationally).

Personally I love the destroyer look and  the rock band t-shirts. Can’t  wait to lay my hands on them.

Rockstar chic!

I normally would not include girls wear in here, however this is an exception, its just so perfect for that li’l girl who so does not want to be part of the  “pretty in pink” brigade.

I write about this particular brand not because I have been asked to, but because this whole concept of fun clothes, simplistic styling and the dark look it brings forth intrigues me and gives me the much needed break from the big box brands. It suits my aesthetics to the tee. All that you see above is from their Fall/winter 2010 collection.

photo credits: Yporque

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November 2, 2010   8 Comments

Join me for some guilt free shopping!

Whats even better than shopping? Shopping without guilt I would say, or rather shopping for a cause.

Enjoy the 30% discount at all GAP, Old navy and Banana Republic stores, while donating 5% of your purchases to the Leukemia and Lymphomia society.  The coupon is posted on my Facebook page. Make sure you add yourself to the list there to recieve all future notifictions . Enjoy the discount and happy shopping!

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November 3, 2010   No Comments

The look for less: Stella McCartney kidswear

Here’s my take on recreating the Stella McCartney little guys collection for fall 2010. I picked out a few looks from her collection and played around with pieces in my little boy’s wardrobe. I also bought a few pieces, which I’m glad I did, because it wasn’t until I started putting the looks together I realized how many different looks I could create with just these pieces.

Look 1:

Key pieces:

Turquoise jeans($57)
Striped tee/sweater($61)
Black quilted jacket($99)
Yellow wellies(item not yet available for sale)

My take:

Turquoise jeans – Levis $22
Striped cardigan – Guess kids $35Alternate link. If you’d rather get the look with a tee, here’s one
Black jacket – target $25
Yellow Wellies – Hunter $50Alternate budget link

Look 2:

Key pieces:

Fair isle sweater($145)
Turquoise jeans($57)
Yellow wellies(item not yet available for sale)

My take:

Fair isle sweater – Children’s Place $24, I loved this sweater, however if you prefer one in muted shades of grey, try this
Grey jeans – Old navy $11( on sale, not available online),  Alternate link
Yellow Wellies – Hunter $50, Alternate budget link

Look 3:

Key pieces:

Grey jeans ($57)
Cable knit sweater($93)
Black pea coat($124)
Yellow wellies(item not yet available for sale)

My take:

Marled Henley – crewcuts $15(on sale, not available online), Alternate link
Black pea coat – Target $25
Grey jeans – Old navy $11, Alternate link
Yellow Wellies – Hunter $50, Alternate budget link

Look 4:

Key Pieces:

Graphic long sleeve tee/sweater($36)
Grey jeans jeans($57)
Yellow wellies(item not yet available for sale)

My take:

Skull sweater Target – $12, Alternate link
Grey jeans – Old navy $11, Alternate link
Yellow Wellies – Hunter $50, Alternate budget link

Look 5:

Key Pieces:

Hooded sweater($82)
Grey jeans jeans($57)
Yellow wellies(item not yet available for sale)

My take:

Marled henley – Crewcuts $15(on sale in store only), alternate link. If you must have one with a hood try this
Grey jeans – Old navy $11, Alternate link
Yellow Wellies – Hunter $50, Alternate budget link

If any of you have put together a look for less out there, please feel free to share.

If you haven’t tried one of these exercises just yet, give it a shot, it’s a lot of fun. Achieving a more affordable option for something that you don’t feel justified enough to spend a whole lot of money on is a very satisfying experience!

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November 5, 2010   4 Comments

30 for 30 challenge

There’s an ocean of personal style bloggers out there today. One such is Kendi from . What sets her apart  from the rest is her style sensibility and her eye for mixing and creating different looks from just a few pieces.

Holding the fort down with this unique trait, she has announced a   30 for 30 challenge on her blog, inviting other bloggers to join her. The concept behind “30 for 30″ is to pick out 30 items from your wardrobe, including shoes, excluding coats and accessories, and create 30 different looks mixing them up to cover a period of about a  month.

I’ve decided to sign up for this challenge and work on my little tot’s wardrobe. By now most of you must have figured how much I love playing around with fabrics and textures, so let the game begin…

Here’s wardrobe remixing for Day1

If any of you would like to give this a shot with your little tots, feel free to join me for this fun experiment. All you have to do is pick out 30/20/15 pieces, and mix them up differently to create 30/20/15 different looks. Take pictures of each look and send them to me.

Happy remixing!


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November 8, 2010   5 Comments

Party wear for the urban crawler

Dressing up your baby can be a very daunting task especially for a new mom. It’s that time of the year now when we get our dancing shoes out and why should your little one be an exception.

Three important words to remember when buying clothes for infants would be safety, comfort and practicality. That sure does not mean lay low on style… absolutely not!

A few pointers to remember when shopping for infants:

  • Avoid itchy fabrics, trims or accessories near the face and neck, if you see those tiny hands grabbing at something and throwing it away , please don’t try and put it back on them. This is their way of saying ” take it off, it hurts”
  • Avoid using ties or bow-ties, they have their whole life ahead of them to sprout those.
  • Avoid overdressing. Too many layers = unhappy baby = unhappy parent!
  • Always use socks on little feet, some fancy shoes tend to rub against those delicate feet and annoy them.
  • If your little one is already ahead in the rat race and is up on his feet make sure his pant lengths do not bother or interfere with his walking.
  • Definitely have a back-up outfit on hand. You can never be too prepared for poops and burps.

Here’s a few of my favorite combinations for this season giving style and comfort equal importance.

suited up

suited up by tot stylist on

Let me know how these work for you and little ones, and I’d be really happy to put up pictures of your dandy little fellow in his party outfits. Please feel free to mail them to me using the contact me page and I would be really happy to upload them here.

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November 9, 2010   5 Comments

30 for 30:Day 2 “Prepdom”

Confession time… This is harder than I had believed it to be. I do have the most accommodating little boy, however even the best of the best have their bad days!
As much as he amuses me and plays along to get his picture taken, there are days like today, when he just did not want me to capture him on camera. It wasn’t until much later that he consented to having his picture taken. So here they are, the best shots possible in precisely five minutes.

Outfit details:

Disclaimer for future days like today: There will be two-dimensional displays for the look of the day, depending on mood, crankiness barometer and sheer stubbornness. Ah! The joys of life with a toddler! :)

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November 9, 2010   2 Comments

30 for 30 : Day3 Embracing Fall

I’m always torn between Spring and Fall. I can’t seem to decide which of these two I like better. What better way to teach your little one about the seasons than through colors. Today’s lesson is Fall, it symbolizes two things for me… warm rustic colors and cozy voluminous knits. It’s the perfect weather to bring out all your sweaters and layer up.

Outfit Details:

It was a win- win situation today, I got my photos, and he had his fun filling his precious dump truck with Fall leaves, which we intend to work with later.I’m happy, he’s happy, perfect situation! Now if only every day was as easy as this.

Crafting with Fall leaves, sticks, pine cones…basically everything FALL! If you haven’t tried these yet with your little ones give it a shot , it’s a fun learning experience.

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November 10, 2010   6 Comments

30 for 30: Day4 – Earn your stripes!

Stripes are to be a big trend this fall, literally taking over one’s closet. It’s hard to miss this trend as I can’t think of a single store that does not carry it. It’s almost a staple in every wardrobe be it the classic nautical stripes, the synchronized black and white or the monochromatic tone on tone. This fall it’s all about color though.

I love the strong graphic appeal and the fun attitude this bold striped sweater brings to the outfit. Initially when I paired it with the cords I felt it was little balmy, almost like It was missing a little something. It took on a whole other life when I brought in a burst of blue… after all blue and orange compliment each other on the color wheel!

So next time you find yourself looking at something and thinking “hmmm… whats missing?” try adding a punch of color!

Outfit details:

Short sleeve polo-Children’s Place
Striped sweater-Target
Carpenter cords-H&M(not sold online)
Plaid slip ons-GAP(last season)
Plaid cap-H&M(last season)
Navy jacket-Old navy(last season)

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November 11, 2010   4 Comments

Fore!! Axel and Hudson teeing off

Layering is a versatile tool in a stylist’s repertoire. It  allows one to get creative in terms of color and texture and is one I use almost always. However, that got promptly sidelined as soon I saw the offerings of Fore!! Axel and Hudson. All you need is one piece from this collection and you look like a million bucks!

It’s a plethora of vibrant colors, patterns and textures. It spells Trendy with a capital T, in fact it’s almost like my someone heard my wish list and put them all together in  this one package for little boys!

“Country club meets California cool” is how Paul Nguyen describes his young label. This eco- friendly brand comprises of golf inspired hip trendy clothes for little guys between the ages of 0 to 12. They use luxurious and supple bamboo spandex which  had me completely sold the minute I held one of their tees. I can vouch for the fact that this is one brand that has played the cards well on both fronts, design and comfort.

Fashion and Golf were not exactly synonymous for the longest time. All that is changing now thanks to the likes of  Camilo Villegas and Rickie Fowler setting a trend on the links, and this brand seems to follow suit.

The game of Golf was believed to have evolved on the Scottish greens, bringing in the whole chutzpah of Scottish style, the plaids, tweeds, and hounds tooth. Staying true to its origin you can see the influences in Fore!! Axel and Hudson’s lines. They have managed to capture the very essence of the game without being too literal or uptight!

I like how they infuse their color palettes and graphics with ease and amp up the hip factor. My favorite pieces from their collection would have to be their adorable fedoras and driver caps. They currently retail at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Amazon to name a few.

Make sure you go take a look at what they have to offer and get your little fellow all set to tee off! FORE!!

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November 15, 2010   7 Comments

30 for 30: Day5 – Riding in the wind

It was a perfect day for the leather jacket, staying abreast with the trend it was a moto jacket. Of course if you ask me what are snow boots doing here along with the moto jacket? Well… that’s how my little re mixer wanted to wear it. He insisted that these were the boots that had to be worn… and so here we are at day5 ready to ride.

Outfit details:

Monochromatic striped tee – H&M
Grey jeans – Old Navy
Snow boots – Children’s Place
Tiger cap – H&M
Moto jacket – H&M

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November 12, 2010   1 Comment

30for30: Day6 – Suit up, get into the groove!

The red pants here are my little fellow’s favorite, and given a choice he would wear them everywhere, everyday. It may not be the trend of fall, but who cares… after all it’s not about following trends, it’s all about setting trends! I believe in the philosophy of “Be a leader, not a follower” and what better opportunity  to introduce that concept into a young mind than by supporting his style sensibilities. Lets call this look preppy with an edge.

If you want to take  the edginess up a notch make sure to don the mohawk beanie and add a leather wrist band. Perfect for that little rebel!

Outfit details:

Striped thermal tee – GAP
Knit vest – Carters
Red jeans – Guess, You could give this whole ensemble a more casual yet trendy uplift by wearing these instead
Plaid hooded blazer – Children’s Place
Plaid slip on – GAP
Fair isle Mohawk beanie – Old navy

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November 13, 2010   3 Comments

30 for 30: Day7 – Hip hop… hop on pop!

Nothing says “comfort” the way sweatpants do which is why they are most often associated with lounge wear and high school days. However they’ve been doing the rounds on the runway alongside the three piece suits, the military inspired pieces and of course the prep boys.
It seems to be a trend that has been slowing evolving and continues to do so. Needless to say it is definitely not something for everyone and not the easiest trend to sport without looking dowdy.

It continues to be a staple in the athletes wardrobe allowing for freedom of movement. Who better than kids to endorse this? Freedom of movement, is one of the priorities that we look for when it comes to kids clothing, and the “Sweat pants” win this round hands down! They can easily go from backyard play to evening out, depending on how you adorn them!

Outfit Details:

– Target
Thermal Tee – GAP
Military shirt - H&M
Checkered slip on – Old Navy
Waffle knit cap – H&M
Scarf – Naartjie

Have fun with your sweats!

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November 16, 2010   4 Comments

30 for 30: Day8 – The Classic combination

There is nothing more versatile than “the white shirt”. The combination of a white shirt and blue jeans is one of those classic styles that you see season after season, year after year. It is a wardrobe staple, rest assured,  it’s never going out of style, sure the cut of the shirt or the wash on those jeans go through cycles of change. If you do have a pair of jeans and a white shirt, you know you can almost never go wrong with it.

This little guy has a long way to go, and plenty of opportunities to own this look. For today however he choose to keep his look young and paired it with his orange puffer vest( I know orange again! ). He styled this look completely by himself and I can’t be more happy with it. It’s just perfect, I love how his eye got him to bring  the orange into this mix. I am one proud mom today :)

Outfit details:

White shirt – GAP
Graphic Tee(DKNY) – Nordstrom
Jeans – GAP
Puffer vest - Old Navy
Cord cap – H&M
Desert boots – Old Navy

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November 17, 2010   5 Comments

Creative minds come together to fight child abuse

“CHAIRish the Children” is a silent auction scheduled for this Friday at the Indianapolis Arts garden. Thirty students from Herron school of art and design Indiana, were given simple wooden chairs and one month to transform them into spectacular pieces of art. It is a blend of great design and lots of hard work, all for a good cause. Read more about the cause here and bid on your favorite chair here.

A few of my favorites from the collection,

The Wild Things by Christina Widener

Gumball Chair by Lauren Butt

Rocking Chair-osaurus by Mary Byrd

The caped crusader by Kathy Dean

The Retro Robot Spectacular by Will Bancroft

Follow the Yellow Brick Road by Rebecca Smith

Woodn't Art Be Good by Jamie West

Ahh Real Monsters by Jennifer Rose Zwarycz

Image credits: The villages of Indiana and Bidding for good Inc

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November 17, 2010   5 Comments

30 for 30: Day 9 – Styled in Khaki

Sweaters and khakis when worn together always look good. I particularly like the charcoal/khaki combination. It has an underlying dignity about it. To bring out this very essence in kids without actually making them look like a miniature version of grandpa, I added the cargo silhouette here. It spells the same vibe but has a young trendy look.

Keeping abreast with the trend, the duffle coat you see here is a key player this season. Once associated with prep schools it’s today’s must have piece. This coat from Old Navy is perfect, it has the toggle closures, the hand warming welt pockets and most essentially a hood to keep those little heads cozy this winter.

Outfit details:

Charcoal sweater – H&M

Khaki cargo pant – Green dog

Checkered slip on – Old Navy

Striped roll up shirt – Guess

Duffle coat - Old Navy

Belt – Sean John

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November 18, 2010   7 Comments

“Look” like your home!

I must confess I am a design addict. I watch every design show on television possible, record it (never deleting it!!), sometimes watch it again to catch any nuance I missed. HGTV’s design star is one of them, and the recent winner of the series, Emily Henderson, is my absolute favorite. She is an interior stylist and will soon host her own show Secrets from a stylist this spring.

What Emily does is that she designs a room around your wardrobe, making sure your home reflects your personality. Taking a cue from her work and also from Rachelle at Kenziepoo, here is a  first from the “Look like your home” series. In this case, a kids room that I saw on Ohdeedoh.

I chose this particular room because the concept behind the coloring here appeals to my aesthetics. I love how they have been liberal with the neutrals in the palette and used accents of turquoise and sage green to pop. It’s a great rule to follow when in doubt,  go overboard with your neutrals and play it safe with the accents.

Have fun with your home and your wardrobe, after all style is personal and is a reflection of who you are!

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November 19, 2010   2 Comments

30 for 30: Day10 – Grip it and rip it!


It’s time for the orange pant again. Considering what a strong color it is, I must say its a hard one to add into the remix. Could have played it safe and stuck to more neutral colors, but then again that wouldn’t be a challenge, would it?

Having gone the orange and blue route and absolutely loving it, I wanted to try the orange and green combination. I think it works well here, of course it is a thin line between looking trendy and looking like a fully blossomed Gerbera!

The grey here actually grounds the whole look, without making it too loud. I’m not too sure how it would work for someone older, but I love it on kids. Encourages them to embrace color and not be intimidated by it! Would be wonderful to hear some suggestions on what other pieces I could mix this pant with for the next few remixes.

Outfit details:

Striped sweater -  Target

Vest – Carters

Orange jeans – GAP

Golf Visor -  Gymboree

Checkered Slip on – Old Navy

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November 20, 2010   9 Comments

30 for 30: Day11 – Braced up

Once a functional accessory is today’s style statement. Along with it’s mid century style counterpart, the fedoras, the suspenders are back on the circuit.

Ideally, pairing  it with skinny jeans and an crew neck tee will take this look a notch up and keep it trendy, however like all trend setters, my style icon had other plans. He decided that they would look best with this combination of his blue polo tee and plaid roll up pants. So here we are creating a new look completely styled by the little man himself.

They did their rounds in the neo-preppy circles and also dipped into the fashion circles delivering a punk rock vibe. They key to wearing them right without looking costumey is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. That will ensure that you don’t look like you just stepped right out  from the sets of Casablanca.

1.Penquin 2.garfield 3.Sherbet 4.Smiley 5. Snoopy 6.Train

If your feeling adventurous try out these patterned ones at rainbow connection.

It’s a great accessory to have in your kids wardrobe. For one it definitely is not something you will see on everyone, also it can easily take an outfit from ordinary to exciting in a second. With the holidays around, I would say its a great addition to spruce up that dinner outfit.

Outfit details:

Blue half sleeve polo – Children’s Place
Plaid roll up pants – H&M
Plaid driver cap – H&M
Plaid slip on – GAP
Yellow suspenders – American Apparel
Peacoat – Target

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November 22, 2010   12 Comments

30 for 30:Day 12 – The Jetsetter!

It’s undoubtedly the busiest travel season of the year. Long lines, cranky toddlers and most recently the newest security measure of a complete body scan… aah! how wonderful! Honestly just writing about it makes me want to cancel travel plans! However despite all of this we still travel, and reminisce about each trip. This year to make our wait a tad easier at the airports, I bought my boy a travel luggage of his own. Needless to say for now he even goes to bed with it. It is indeed every little boy’s dream luggage. I figured that this was gonna be a big hit the minute I bought it, from the store to my car I heard so many “little” oohs and aahs and instantly I knew this was my best buy so far!

Outfit details:

Striped tee – H&M
Red Jeans – Guess kids
Jacket – Marshalls(last season), Try this zip up sweater instead
Visor beanie – H&M
High top sneakers – Old Navy
Belt – local kiosk, try this alternative
Skull key chain – H&M
Lightning McQueen hand luggage – Disney store

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November 23, 2010   12 Comments

30 for 30: Day 13 – Who’s afraid of the little red monster?

The vampire obsession in adults filters down to a monster obsession for kids, or so I kid myself and drive an insane 43 miles to get the last piece of this monster beanie in the size I want. Truth be said I think I love it more than the little guy.There’s something adorable about cuddly monsters and if you aren’t on the same page with me, check out artist Jennifer Strunge’s monster creations. I’ve been meaning to get one of her monster dolls for a while, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I guess I better do it before my son gets any older, else justifying my purchase might just get harder.

Once we got around to getting into the outfit, I loved the whole look even more, just because it is one of those easy layered looks, perfect for Californian weather. The thermal tee and cargo pants keep one cozy and not too warm when its a nice sunny, yet cool day like today. Of course before I was even done with my pictures, we had a gust of wild wind, true California weather… unpredictable. All we did was throw on this lightweight jacket and my favorite monster beanie and we were set for the day!

Outfit details:

Striped Thermal tee – GAP
Khaki cargo pants – Green Dog
Hooded navy jacket – Old Navy
Boots – GAP
Monster beanie – GAP(not available online)

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November 24, 2010   6 Comments

30 for 30: Day 14 – Giving Thanks…

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all…

In honor of Thanksgiving I’m off for the weekend. As much as I’m going to miss being here, I do need to take this time off and actually give in to family time! So until next week…

Happy Holidays!

Outfit Details:

White shirt – GAP
Skinny Jeans – H&M
Cardigan – Children’s Place
Cap – GAP
Checkered slip on – Old Navy

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November 25, 2010   3 Comments

30 for 30: Day15 – Into the dust

For the holidays we decided to get away and enjoy the bounty of nature, in this case lots of boulders and rocks. I say this in retrospect just because I wasn’t easily convinced that there was a place like this where beauty was this stark and mysterious. It was indeed breathtaking and stunningly beautiful. We spent our holidays on wild desert land, and as an ode to the beauty of the place and our attempt at trying to blend into the landscape, here is the little fellow in a muted, desert color palette… Browns, Olives and Sand.

In the perfect man’s world you would wear your sweater over your shirt, especially a chunky knit one… but we don’t live by rules do we? we wore it under the shirt, and paired it with muted straight fit cords and the cult classic desert boots( I knew I had to get him into these from the moment we planned the trip). It keep him cozy and in tune with his surroundings, we did not need camouflage to blend into the landscape, just the right choice of colors worked.

The desert boots are an international cult classic and came into existence thanks to the inspiration from the British officers of world war two.This is definitely a timeless piece considering the styling hasn’t changed in over 50 years! It still manages to complete any guy’s outfit, however young or old.

Outfit details:

Sweater – GAP
Military shirt – H&M
Cord carpenters – H&M
Desert boots – Old Navy
Knit cap – H&M(no longer available)
Knit Scarf – Borrowed from aunt

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November 29, 2010   6 Comments

Gucci kids Spring/Summer 2011

Just ten days ago the Florentine fashion house of Gucci launched their newest line, Gucci kids. Do you ever wonder why in this time of recession there seems to be a surge of new kidswear lines? Something I can’t comprehend, but I’m not complaining, I’m glad kidswear is being taken seriously. This collection also pledges a $1 million donation to UNICEF’ schools for Africa program.

I love the look of the whole collection and how it incorporates school time, play time, sporty look and special occasion. I can’t deny that as tempting as they are this line is indeed a pricey proposition for my little boy.

I know it’s kind of early to pick out the spring wardrobe, especially with winter weather in full force here, but I must admit I’ve been dreaming of all the endless possibilities spring brings forth for our little guys since viewing this collection. Keep this collection in mind for a little fashion inspiration when planning out your tots spring wardrobe.

Notice how easy it is to put this look together, we have the red jeans, we have a peacoat(which just needs some metallic buttons to replicate this one), we have a white collared shirt, a tie, now all I need to complete this look are those killer shoes! I love all the accessories they have included in the collection, makes it absolutely cohesive!

All photos via Gucci

Make sure to take good look at your little guy’s wardrobe, lay them all out and your are bound to find pieces to recreate at least one of these looks!

What is your take on the collection? Anything in particular that calls out to you?

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November 30, 2010   7 Comments

30 for 30: Halfway recap

We are on a much needed break from 30 for 30 this week, as you may have noticed. We just completed the halfway mark and I think this is a good time to sit back and look at all the different looks we were able to create from our chosen 30 pieces ( actually only  28 items here, intentionally leaving room to add two more after reviewing the first fifteen outfits)

What do you think I need to add into this mix… more color, more tops, pants, shoes? Would be great to hear any suggestions. To view the outfits again watch the slideshow below,


Picture 1 of 15

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December 2, 2010   8 Comments

Living it Lil Luxe way

Have you ever looked at an Armani blazer for kids and longed to buy it, only to be put off by the “oh so extravagant” price? Or coveted a Stella McCartney pair of toddler boots that could never justify its price tag in your mind?

Well for all you moms and dads out there who want to buy the best that money can buy for your little ones and yet cannot justify the price tag, LilLuxe is a members only shopping site that bridges the disconnect between desire and justification. It gives us “chic, premium baby and children’s brands at discounts of 50% or greater.”

Utensil set from Headchefs
Grey Tweed Overalls from Tzawa
Black Vintage Organic Tee from Cozy&free

Suede buttoned trouser from Tzawa
Tan Cowboy boots from L’Amour shoes
Dinosaur Muffin pan from Headchefs
Race Car-Mighty Builders from Melissa&Doug
Galipette 123 Carpet from Kaloo
Argyle Shirt & Blue Layered Pant from Bumble bags&Bungalow Bebe

Surfer Bookends from Jack Rabbit creations

All photos courtesy LilLuxe

What you see above are just a few of the offerings at LilLuxe today. You never know, all the Gucci styles we drooled over in the last post may just be well within our reach some day through LilLuxe! Be sure to join them, their membership is free and currently open to all. Keep checking often as their sales don’t last long and like all good things these bargains are short lived too!

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December 1, 2010   4 Comments

Friday finds…

1. Pencil Scarf – A 100% lambswool scarf for kids – its cozy and fun. You can be sure your little guy is gonna stand out in a crown once he dons this piece. If you are crafty enough may be you can knit one like this!

2.Potty Pancakes – Whats more fun – eating it, making it or just looking at it? We love making, eating and being funny about it at our home. It’s an  inspirational blog for any pancake lover out there. It takes “play” with your food to a whole new level.

3.Fox Illustration – A limited edition print of the illustration. The vibrancy of colors used won me over immediately, perfect for any kids room. A piece like this will instantly make the whole room light up.

4.Leg warmers – A perfect little accessory to carry along anywhere. These are so versatile that they even convert a half sleeve shirt into a full sleeve one, perfect for unpredictable weather like ours. I also love the graphics on this one!

5.Paper kite – This one’s a tutorial on making paper kites with your kids. It holds a special place in my heart as I still vividly remember my childhood days and the hours I spent making and flying these with my granddad. Joel Henriques writes this beautiful blog”Madebyjoel” in which he features crafts and toys that he makes for his twins. They are so far away from the run of the mill toys of today, they have a yesteryear charm about them and actually help develop kids imagination and creativity!

6.Toddler messenger bag – Which little guy does not need his own carry bag? I have been looking around for one for a while now and I think this is it. It is handmade from Japan out of pure cotton and natural dyes. It also has a strong graphics representing icons from London…now there’s your British Invasion trend right there !

Enjoy your weekend, and stay cozy!

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December 3, 2010   3 Comments

191kids shares the love… Join the Giveaway!

A great shirt is like a  trusted friend.  This ubiquitous piece of clothing is the one item in the closet that transcends seasons and remains a style staple right through the years . Not only does it make you look good, it also keeps you comfortable. You are always going to have a shirt in the closet no matter which season or year it is. Starting them early on is the key to a well dressed man!

191kids, the offshoot brand of knows how to play the game when it comes to to dressing up your little guy. It isn’t surprising considering the minds behind this venture are two young men themselves. Their current range focuses on dress shirts, which come in plaids, solids, stripes and they even carry some embroidered ones.  I must say discovering them this season has been perfect, my long search for that perfect little shirt for the holidays has finally come to an end. I found exactly what I wanted at 191kids, my favorite being the Johnny Martini, compliments from the brand.

What I love about this shirt is that it is so versatile, it can be used as a dress shirt for days we need a dress shirt, or it could use it as weekend shirt to laze around in as well! I also love the fact that it’s made from a blend of natural and synthetic fiber, which makes sure my shirt will hold up for a few rough days. After all we are talking boys here. I also like the contemporary  simplicity of the piece and its understated design appeal with the top stitching, and slim fit silhouette. Something to keep in mind here is that their since their styling is slim, you may want to go a size up when purchasing, especially if your little one is not used to less room. This is definitely a great gift to give this holiday season.

Speaking of gifts, it’s that time of the year, and we (191kids and totastyle) are giving away 3 shirts to the readers of this blog. All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us which is your favorite shirt from the 191kids range and how you would pair it up.

Sign up for the 191kids newsletter and become a fan on their Facebook page, and you get an extra entry.

Become a fan of Tot-a-style on our Facebook page and you get another extra entry.

The giveaway ends on December 15th. The winners will be chosen at random and announced on here at Tot-a-style. You will have 48 hours to claim the gift, if you win, after which another winner will be chosen. 191kids will select the shirts, all you have to do is give them the size you want and your mailing address and wait for your lovely package to arrive! This giveaway is only for US residents. Of course that being said you can still avail the opportunity to win, all you have to do is get your family and friends who live here in the US involved!

Good Luck!

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December 8, 2010   11 Comments

Merry X’mas to one and all!

Wishing you and yours a Merry X’mas and happy holidays! I hope Santa lavished you with all you wanted this year.

I’m adding in a post I wrote for thecoolkids blog earlier this week. Betsy writes this wonderful blog and included me in her series, “All mama wants for X’mas this year is…”. Head over to her fun blog to read a lot of interesting and fun wants from various other moms.

“It is an unfair world out there, we moms do all the hard work – labor (pun intended) and then you have a little boy who everyone looks at and says“oh he looks just like his dad”… drives me nuts!
So when Betsy asked me to write about “What mama wants for X’mas”, I knew exactly…I want my son to reflect a bit of me, at least in the way he dresses and okay I lied I also want all these goodies(Santa, are you listening?)
I can see the graphic play of stripes in our outfits, his sweater and my dress. We each have our shearling vest and coat to keep us nice and cozy. We also had to add in our favorite element from the season trends and in this case it happens to be military, nothing says military louder than hard boots! To compliment my favorite piece here, the Bottega Veneta clutch, he’s going to be paired in those stylish plaid pants, which have the right amount of color and texture!”

I hope all of you out there are having a fabulous X’mas with your dear ones. Would love to hear all about your X’mas wish lists and how the came true!

Make merry and stay warm!

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December 25, 2010   1 Comment

30 for 30: Day16 – Back on the road…

We had some lovely weather this weekend, some much needed warmth, followed by the drizzle. Availing the opportunity we decided to oil our bikes and take it for a spin. Now if you ask me why snow boots for the ride? Honestly I have no answers, except that my boy thought it fit best with what he wore.

I know there are a lot of moms out there like me who are a little skeptical about giving a toddler a scarf. I am too, but I think I just found the perfect one for these tiny necks… the one he’s wearing here works well in every aspect. It has the right length, it crosses over and stays in place with velcro, and is made of a nice chunky knit. Just perfect!! To use or not to use a scarf is not something I’m gonna evaluate here, but I will say that if you choose to, then make sure you think about these aspects – length, closure and fabric.

Outfit details:

Shirt – Guess
Sweatpants – Target
Vest – Carters
Snow boots – Children’s Place(out of stock)
Scarf – Old Navy

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December 6, 2010   10 Comments

An illustration a day…

Oohmoon is the brain child of illustrator Katie Moon.  In the true Christmas spirit of giving she has decided to create (with children in mind) and give away an illustration a day for free for a whole year. The artwork is free for twenty four hours after which it is available for purchase for a nominal fee(your cup of coffee probably cost more)

She just completed her first series”Winter Animals”. Each and every one of these are absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to hang them up in my little guy’s room. My favorite being the Owl, I absolutely love it, and it currently hangs in my office room.

These are perfect for any parent looking for inspiration on doing up their little one’s room. They also make great holiday gifts. The first series of all five winter animals are also up for sale for $19.99.

In addition to giving away her work she also donates 10% of all her proceeds to her favorite non-profit organization, “Compassion International“, which helps out kids in need. It is always inspiring when you come across people who think beyond themselves and work hard to bring joy to others! Kudos to her.

All images via Oohmoon
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December 7, 2010   1 Comment

30 for 30: Day 17 – Color blocked!

Time for the orange pants again…this time we used them on our weekend trip. I must say initially I was a little hesitant to put these colors out there when the landscape was just so magnificent and breathtaking. Boy am I glad I did, it was so surreal. I almost felt like an artist with a palette in my hands! Especially the orange and blue (complimentary colors on the color wheel) against the white snow and the red rocks accentuates the whole look and makes it so vibrant.

The shoes you see here are completely out of the mix and had no reason to be here, I was going for the ever so popular green checkered slip ons. What can I say? My style muse didn’t feel that was right, or maybe he just wanted something different, so lets pretend that those sneakers you see here are actually the green checkered shoes.

Outfit details:

Jeans – GAP
Thermal tee – GAP
Half sleeve polo - Children’s Place
Puffer Jacket -  Children’s Place
Shoes – seen here(Stride rite), intended (Old Navy)

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December 7, 2010   3 Comments

30 for 30: Day18 – Bringing in the new guy!

Having re-evaluated all my picks for the 30 for 30, I figured it was time to bring in another vest, of course I had to choose from what we already have in the little fellow’s closet. I know this may seem like a perfect spring accompaniment given the fabric and color, but for weather like ours where we have spring, fall and winter alternating over the days this seemed like the perfect fit. It even has a hood to keep those tiny heads warm. In this mix we paired it with the cargo pants used here, the striped tee we used here, and of course our ever so popular green checkered slip- on!

We gave this look a playful edge using the trinket and this time around we attached it to a tiny chain, instead of hanging it from the belt loop itself like earlier. It sure was a big hit with my boy, he enjoyed playing with it and kept himself distracted for as long as it took for me to get this look photographed. I call that victorious!

Outfit details:

Striped tee – GAP
Cargo pants – Green dog
Vest – Naartjie(two seasons ago)
Plaid slip on – Old Navy
Trinket – Children’s place(last year)
Side zip cord cap – H&M(last year)

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December 9, 2010   7 Comments

Stylish finds for the holidays…

My mind is in a visual holiday mode…every store window is decked with sparkle, tinsel and lots of joy. “Tis the season to be jolly” indeed… I’ve put together a few outfits that I love for the holiday celebrations. There’s a whole range of sweaters out there for the little guys, and I’ve been having a hard time choosing the “right” one. I hope you’ve found you perfect holiday outfit but if you are like me and are still out there looking for some festive inspiration make sure you head over to LilLuxe and read my guest post on the perfect holiday outfit. There’s something there for everyone!

1. Preppy argyle sweater from Benetton
2. Rock backpack from Zara
3. Shawl collar cardigan from Crewcuts
4. Heather grey fedora from GAP
5. Houndstooth sweater vest from 77 kids
6. Knitted cardigan from Zara
7. Moto jacket in faux leather by Black Rivet
8. Kids starwars watch by Lego
9. Skull zip sweater from GAP
10. Oslo patchwork cardigan from Allsaints
11. Kids loafers from Primigi

Don’t forget to enter the fabulous giveaway from 191kids here, makes your holiday shopping easier, get your free shirt!

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December 10, 2010   No Comments

30 for 30: Day 19- Gone fishing!

A lazy overcast afternoon, a creek in the wilderness, a toddler and his best friend…that would be one way to spell p-e-r-f-e-c-t

We definitely aren’t dressed to go fishing here, however considering we had to pick the choices within our 30 for 30 wardrobe, I think we did well. You can never go wrong with dark jeans and a nice bright”pick me up” top. It balanced out the gloomy skies and perked up the mood. Fish or no fish, the two of them had a blast!

Outfit details:

Striped orange sweater – Target
Skinny jeans – GAP
Hooded Utility Jacket – GAP
Checkered slip on – Old Navy
Knitted cap – borrowed from aunt

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December 12, 2010   3 Comments

30 for 30: Day20 – Gucci inspired

Ever since I reviewed the Gucci kids spring 2011 collection, I’ve been delighted that there’s at least one ensemble I can create right out of my little fellow’s closet anytime! As you are now aware the red pants in this mix has been his all time favorite, and I must say it is a very versatile and delightful item to own. You can go all wild or as sober as you want, all you have to do is play with the colors.

Ideally I would have loved to add an applique patch to the sleeve of the peacoat and replace the plastic buttons with dull metallic ones, both of these you can find at craft stores like Michaels. An update like this will not only change the whole look, but it will also take an existing item in your wardrobe and convert it to something completely new! This is what I call recycling!

Those loafers shown in the Gucci picture are so pronounced in my holiday wishlist, I can’t wait to finish the 30 for 30 to go out and buy them! Has any one tried their hands at recreating any of the Gucci styles just yet?

Outfit details:

Red jeans – Guess
White shirt – GAP
Peacoat – Target
Tie – GAP(mom’s belt)
Plaid slip on’s – GAP, ideally these would be best

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December 13, 2010   6 Comments

30 for 30 : Day21 – Linear proportions!

Have you ever wondered how something so basic and so simple has always remained a style staple and has never faltered through the years. The “stripes”, they come in all sizes and colors from the fun playful ones to the more straightforward nautical ones. This season you see them again all over, from basic fitted thermals to the more slouchy wide neck jersey’s.

What you see above is how I envisioned the whole stripe play, however this challenge is all about using what you have without having to step out and refurbish your existing wardrobe.

Here’s how we played on this classic trend creating our sartorial statement with this iconic pattern.

Outfit details:

Striped thermal tee – GAP

Grey jeans – Old Navy
Suspenders – American Apparel
Checkered slip on – Old Navy
Sherpa lined cord bomber jacket – Old Navy

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December 14, 2010   5 Comments

A hat for every head

The one must have item in your little one’s closet this winter is a good hat. It keeps their little heads warm and cozy and also amps up their style quotient a notch up!

Here’s a few that I’ve hand picked from the season’s pickings. Make sure you have one at least of these in your little boy’s closet for this winter.They serve the purpose of form and function perfectly well!

Faux fur bucket hats, the trapper hats, skull caps, Fedora’s drivers, knitted caps, newsboy caps, Mohawk caps, and the animal caps, these are the trends of the season in this category. Some are definitely more fun and playful than the others. They have so many different styles out there this season, that your sure to find one that calls to you sooner than later.

1.Hand knit owl cap – Emie Grace creations – $39
2.Sherpa lined trapper hat – GAP $12.99
3.San Diego hat company knit cap – Zappos $17.60
4.Pro fleece trapper hat – GAP $8.99
5.Wool shearling bomber hat – Ralph Lauren $90
6.Color blocked beanie – Pumpkin Patch $14.50
7.Mohawk cap _ GAP $19.99
8.Peaked cap – Zara $5.99
9.Fairisle sweater hat – Janie and Jack $16.99
10.Cut corduroy ear flap cap – Janie and Jack $15.99
11.San Diego kids plaid driver – Zappos $26
12.Nordic hat with pompom detail – Ralph Lauren $50
13.Knit hounds tooth beanie – Old Navy $8
14.Sock monkey hat – Amazon $32.99
15.Double knit Lightning McQueen cap – H&M $3.99
16. Tangerine driver cap – Fore!!Axel and Hudson $20
17.Striped hat with skull and crossbones – Zara $&.99
18. Plaid fedora – Fore!!Axel and Hudson $24
19.Peaked cap with fur – Zara $9.99
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December 15, 2010   5 Comments

30 for 30: Day 22 – Play of colors and textures

It’s always wonderful to read suggestions and comments and believe me, this is what keeps me motivated and going! As part of the suggestions for my next half of the 30 for 30 routine one of my lovely readers and a good friend suggested a lot of fantastic permutations and combination’s. One such suggestion that she mentioned was tucking in the cargo pants into his boots, and that is exactly what I tried today. I loved how the whole look translated, it had a very casual vibe to it with a definite edgy feel.

We had a lot fun here playing with the vibrant colors and patterns. have fun with your wardrobe, mix patterns, textures and colors, you’ll be surprised at how many different looks you can achieve by just stepping out of the box and mixing things up! I know I had fun with this exercise and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too, give it a shot!

Outfit details:

Polo – Crewcuts
Plaid roll up cargos – H&M
Knit cap – H&M
Plaid zip up jacket – Hurleys(last season)
Hooded vest – Naartjie(last season)
Snowboots – Childrens Place(out of stock)

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December 15, 2010   1 Comment

30 for 30: Day 23 – Monster truck overload!

It was one of those days where nothing seemed to go right until… the monster truck arrived at our driveway! It was his first time ever in one as big as this, and the excitement got him going in full throttle. We pretty much spent the entire day driving around town in it and the joy that this brought upon my little fellow was priceless!

It was a perfect sunny Californian afternoon with the bright sun and the nippy wind. It’s weather like this that makes me love this place all the more. Seriously where else can you dress up in two light layers, and throw on just a scarf as a cold weather accessory in the peak of winter!

Outfit details:

Cord pants – H&M
White shirt – GAP
Graphic tee – Nordstrom
Scarf – Naatrjie
Checkered plaid slip on – Old Navy
Nautical hooded jacket – Old Navy

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December 16, 2010   3 Comments

30 for 30: Day 24 – The winter companion

When I think of seasons, I can only think in terms of the style palette associated with each season. The summers and the springs are easy in the sense that there’s such an abundance of color, outfitting stylishly seems almost devoid of any challenge. Winter on the other hand has me rubbing my hand, pun intended, in anticipation. The monochromes, the droopiness or even dreariness of the surroundings coupled with limitation on color choices poses quite an interesting “styling” proposition.

Staying abreast of the current trend we styled today’s outfit with the very trendy and in season utilitarian sweater ad the basic staple in every guy’s closet, a pair of jeans( this time in a different color). Sure it does not pop and resonate with color, but it suits the winter trend perfectly!.

Outfit details:

Sweater – GAP

Jeans – Old Navy
Cap – Children’s Place(out of stock)
Snowboots – Children’s Place(out of stock)
Belt – Target(in store only)

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December 17, 2010   1 Comment

191 kids giveaway winners


1. Sumaya
2. Betsy

Please send your postal addresses along with the size of the shirt you want to Thank you all for participating. The winners were picked at random.

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December 16, 2010   No Comments

30 for 30:Day25 – All play and no work is indeed the way to go!

We like to meander through these holidays, languidly, lazily. Breakfasts turn to brunch, short winter days somehow seem stretched out as the year draws to a close…unwinding gradually, preparing to be re-wound with renewed vigor for the new year.

Today was one such absolutely lazy day and we loved it. Lots of treats involved, some pretend play, no food schedules and loads of laughs!!  Do you tend to pack your year ends with a lot of activities and get the most of your free time or are you like us “lazy and lovin it”?

I have to add, you’re going to be seeing a lot of intermittent posts during the holiday season. I am taking some time off with family. However that being said, with this blog and my little virtual world here being so portable, it’s kind of hard for me to stay away completely. I do promise to be back in full force beginning New Years and together we’ll explore what Spring 2011 has in store for our little guys!

Outfit details:

Polo – Crewcuts
Carpenter cords – H&M(out of stock)
Plaid high top sneakers – Old Navy
Viking cap – Ikea
Nautical hooded jacket – Old Navy(last season)

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December 20, 2010   3 Comments

30 for 30: Day 26 – Good ol’ sweatpants!

Hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas, we had a quiet one at home thanks to the weather and an unfortunate bout of the sniffles. Since we’ve all been under the weather and not really venturing out, our sartorial style for the days that followed have been sweatpants! As unglamorous as it sounds its the rage of the next season, so bring them on!

Whats it called when you just can’t seem to get out of your nice warm, comfortable and lounge worthy sweatpants?? “Perfect” It’s such an understated piece of clothing that exists in almost every young wardrobe and sometimes even dominates an adolescent wardrobe to the extent that it becomes “the” item to have!

Clearly the trend researchers have a taken a clue from this very cult, and we are going to see them in a lot of different versions next spring making their way into kidswear, womenswear and also menswear. I’m excited for this trend as it easily combines comfort with style and it’s that perfect trend for an easy yet understated mommy and me style!

Outfit Details:

Sweatpants – Target
Utility Sweater – GAP
Hooded vest – Naartjie
Plaid slip-on – GAP
Peacoat – Target

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December 28, 2010   2 Comments

30 for 30: Day 27 – An almost surreal green winter!

We got away to experience a white Christmas this year, after all what is Christmas without a few snowballs and snowflakes! That being said I must say that now I’m back, I am so happy to be away from all that snow and ice. This is winter in our part of the world, still green and lush. It’s perfect! We can still get away with just a couple layers and don’t need to be cocooned in.

We’ve discussed a lot about the “vest” and the “cardigan” trend here, and I continue to endorse them. Keep these pieces of clothing in your little fellow’s wardrobe, do not pack them away just yet. You are definitely going to see the use of these versatile pieces for the next few seasons. After all what is spring weather without a cardigan or a simple layering vest. Trends and styles today don’t change as drastically as they used to today between seasons, which works well for us especially when it comes to little kids and their their little wardrobes!!

Pick put the staple pieces in your little one’s wardrobe and we’ll learn to play around them and adapt them to the next season effortlessly as we go along!

Outfit Details:

Cardigan – Childrens Place
Vest – Carters
Jeans – Old Navy
Graphic layering Tee – Nordsrtrom
Desert boots – Old navy
Plaid cap – H&M

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December 30, 2010   No Comments

30 for 30: Day 28 – Jazz by the bay

The year has almost come to a close and what better way to wind down than through music!. We headed out to a jazz performance last evening and it was nothing short of brilliant!! I think I also enjoyed it more because my little tyke was completely into the music and enjoyed the evening without any interruption! Days like this don’t come often, believe me and when they do I tend to reminisce about it forever!

Now that we’ve had one good evening out, we’re all set to bring in the New Year in style! (or so I hope too!) What are your plans for New Years? Look forward to hearing all about your evening and can’t wait for the start of another fantastic year ahead. To all my lovely friends and readers out there here’s wishing all of you and yours a very happy and prosperous 2011!

Outfit Details:

Long sleeve tee – GAP
Vest – Naartjie
Jeans – Old Navy
jacket – Green Dog
Newsboy cap – H&M
Plaid slip on – GAP

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December 31, 2010   4 Comments

New threads and treads

New Year resolutions as we all know are made to be broken! or so they have been with me.  So this year I’ve decided to stay clear of making resolutions and to live life one day at a time. No plans, no schedules, no to-do list, just a “thrown in wind journey” it is for us this 2011. Of course that being said I did have to make a note to self of sorts,to only buy things that I absolutely truly love. I do admit that more often than not I end up buying on impulse and am left with clothes that I don’t always need or just don’t fit they way it should.

Today’s new threads for my little dude was my first purchase this new year. I’ve been having a hard time with all this gender specific color associations. Who says pink and purple don’t do well in a masculine closet? Pair them well, pair them with dark tones, grey, navy, blue, tan and slate and you’ll be convinced about how wonderful and versatile these non traditional colors are in a little boys wardrobe. Go ahead give them a try if you haven’t already, bring in some magic into their wardrobes this new year!

Tee – Old Navy, Sweater – Zara, Plaid pants – H&M, Cap – GAP, Suede Moccasin – Zara, Belt -Zara
<i>Tee -<span mce_style=”color: #000000;” style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 0);”> Old Navy,</span> <span mce_style=”color: #000080;” style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 128);”><a target=”_blank” mce_href=”” href=””>Sweater – Zara</a></span>, Plaid pants – H&amp;M, Cap – GAP,           <a target=”_blank” mce_href=”” href=””>Suede Moccasin – Zara</a></i>,<a target=”_blank” mce_href=”” href=””><i> Belt -Zara</i></a><br mce_bogus=”1″>
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January 3, 2011   3 Comments

Rockabye Baby

Most moms out there have at some point of time have reached out to the wonderful world of  Mozart and  Beethoven lullabies from the baby Einstein brand. It probably worked well for some, but in my case as much as it soothed me down during those initial lack of sleep days, my little boy didn’t seem to care too much for it. Of course I immediately jumped to the conclusion that  my little baby is just not musically inclined! :(   But no was I mistaken there! He is definitely musically inclined, I just didn’t play him what he wanted to hear! All he wanted was some good old funk!! If he could at three months of age,  he would have said ” Show me some love, rock my world” and that’s exactly what Rockabye baby does!

Rockabye baby is the product of sheer music genius, they do a revolutionary spin on old punk, metal and rock classics, pretty much all of what we(I) grew up.  They seamlessly seem to convert something like “I shot the sheriff” into a lullaby!!! We all know that isn’t an easy task, they have managed to stay true to the music as well as keep in mind the age and need of their young audience. My little boy loves them and so do I!! Now can there can be anything better than a happy baby and an even happier mom?? I think not!

They also carry a line of onesies and tees for kids and adults carrying their trademark, little bear skulls and crossbones. Now wouldn’t it be exciting if they were to come up with an accessory line for little kids with attitude!! I sure hope they do! They have done a fantastic rendition on their album covers as well, bringing in the feel of the band through little bears and kid friendly graphics, yet staying true to the bands identity.

Seriously!!! How cute is this? Bob Marley bears!

If you haven’t had the chance to try them out yet, do so and get ready to unleash the rockstar in your little one!!

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January 4, 2011   3 Comments

A style to steal

via Just Jared

Kingston Rossdale and Gwen Stefani are my favorite celebrity mom and son pair. I love their fashion sensibilities and the uber cool attitude that the family portrays! The picture above is of the mom and son duo out for a shopping spree. I’ve picked out a few pieces that can emulate the style above and bring in some funk to a mom and son wardrobe!

Kingston ‘s Look:

Gwen’s Look:

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January 5, 2011   2 Comments

Friday Finds!

Micro sculptures of all the 26 alphabets by Brazilian born, Connecticut based artist, Dalton Ghetti. He carves these out of graphite pencils using a sewing needle, knife, razor blade and loads of patience!

Innobaby Din Din Smart stainless steel bus platter – Perfect for those auto loving fussy eaters. I love these as they have no plastic in them and is made of stainless steel, something we grew up on as kids.

Bedtime bus roll poster – This is an absolute must in my house, where none of us seem to have any kind of schedule! Hopefully something like this will keep us in track and of course it’s a great piece of art to have around.

Tree bookshelf by Shawn Soh{via Poppy Talk} – A perfect whimsical piece to add to a kids room.  No kids room can have enough book shelves, and a piece like this is all you need to inject some fun into any room.

Funky Lunch{via hostessblog} – Who can resist these sandwiches? Truly? My eyes lit up when I saw these, and now I just have to try my hand at these for a few school lunches!

The a-chair – I absolutely LOVE this, it combines my love for furniture design along with my love for typefaces! It was realized at the Royal college of Art and is made of 250 sheets of cardboard!!

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January 7, 2011   3 Comments

A Spring in my step!

There’s so much of Spring on our minds that we just had to start this week with a bright new Spring 2011 color. It’s a Regatta blue start for us this week. Color is BIG this season, so be prepared, embrace Color in all its glory!

The classic blue seems to have gotten a makeover with two shades of blue monopolizing the runways this year for men – The Regatta blue and the blue Curacao. Taking cue from the menswear trends this season is this adaptation in Blue. This bright shade was a much needed change for us, much as we love our warm shades, its definitely time for some bright bold color in our wardrobes!

Long Sleeve Shirt – Childrens Place, Sweater – Target, Pants – H&M(similar), Cap – Children’s Place, Rain boots – Disney(similar)

Here’s a look at the Pantone spring 2011 color chart for men and also the bold statement that Jill Sanders sent down the runway for this Spring. This should give you an insight into how the streets across the world will look… I can’t wait to see the burst of colors…what about you?

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January 10, 2011   7 Comments

Rikshaw Design

Catherine Fitzsimmons is a seasoned traveler who draws inspiration from each of her journeys. She launched Rikshaw Design in 2008, a beautiful airy summery line consisting of delightful bohemian baby clothing, bedding and accessories. She has further enhanced her line recently by adding a women’s line! Her love for block printing along with her southern aesthetics come together to bring to us this gorgeous collection.

The intricacies and imperfections of the ancient art form of block printing from India seems to have captivated Catherine. Her collection is an effective use of pattern and color. The apparel range is made of light airy cotton voile fabrics in a soft and delicate color palette.

I have been really excited ever since they launched their women’s collection, as you can see above, now its perfect for us to get our summer act of mommy and me together!! All we have to do is pick co-related pieces from one single collection and we’re set. We can’t wait to hit the beaches this summer in our Rikshaw tunics!

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January 18, 2011   3 Comments

Mamas and Papas Spring 2011

I hope you had a chance to view my guest post at LilLuxe yesterday where I talked about all the British brands that I came across during my trip to the United Kingdom. Now that I’ve gotten started on this British note, lets take a look at another brand, this one is especially for the tiny people in our lives, a stylish baby brand…

Mamas and Papas is one of Britan’s popular stylish baby brand. They scooped the prize for best maternity and baby wear at the Comfort Prima high street fashion awards. It’s been over 30 years and they grown from their modest beginnings to become a well known UK brand that has revolutionized the look and feel as well as the safety and comfort of baby products with its chic collections. They still continue to strive year after year giving us top notch products in maternity fashion, baby wear, baby stroller, car seats, nursery bedding and accessories.

Though they are more popularly known for their baby products like the Mylo push chair which made headlines, their offerings in Baby-wear are equally delightful when it comes to style and comfort. Take a look at what their spring 2011 collection has to offer. Unfortunately for us, they do not sell their baby clothes in the United States just yet, they do however sell their premium baby products at Babies R Us. So hopefully soon we’ll have access to their wonderful baby collection as well!

All images courtesy Mama and Papas

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January 11, 2011   2 Comments

Patterns all the way through…

If you are like me and love hoarding  patterns in your wardrobe, try pulling them all out together and creating the look for the day! We did just that today and brought in some ginghams,  plaids, stripes and made them all work. Of course we went with a subtler color palate adding just a touch of an accent color like a bright hued Crimson. No we don’t have spring weather just yet, but like I said it’s been spring on our minds, so we had to bring in our spring look!

Hooded jacket – Zara, Plaid scarf – Zara, Pants – H&M, Shirt – Target, Striped tee – H&M

Skull print shoes – GAP

Another trend I’ve been seeing sprouting up for the coming season is the use of patches on kids clothes. You don’t always have to go buy the latest pieces, you can always rework  on an existing pair of pants and update them for the season. All you need is your favorite pair of pants, some of these patches and your trusty pair of hands!

My color inspiration for this look!! The Sheriff from CARS!

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January 12, 2011   3 Comments

Graphic leggings

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on multiple projects at a time, which I suppose is good considering its the start of a brand new year and a lot exciting opportunities. Over one such assignment, while consulting for a client, I came across these stylish leggings for infants with fun graphic patches on the butt. Perfect to amp up the “aaaw” factor for your little bundle.

I can’t explain how perfect these are. They come in sizes from six months up to two years. I love the abundance of choice in both color and graphics, and you just cant beat a price tag $5(inclusive of shipping). Make sure you get yours before they run out, as they have been selling out at a rapid rate.

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January 13, 2011   No Comments

Friday finds…

This stunning piece of art is the work of Ann Wood, an artist whose work I can’t seem to tear myself away from. She makes the most realistic and exquisite owls I’ve ever seen. However today we talk about her sailboats, which are made of paper mache and fabric scraps. She specializes in recycling vintage garments and fabrics. Make sure you stop by and check out all she has to offer, its a feast for your soul!

I love these Indian alphabet blocks from Gnaana, via sound horn please. I love anything that introduces a kid to his/her heritage and culture. This is a sure way to start. They come in various Indian languages and are made out f teak wood(how elegant is that). I think its a great way to introduce a second language to your child early on.

These tiny Swedish made moccasins are the perfect solution from Anna Wetterlin’s Moccis to keep little feet warm indoors. They are durable and have a flexible leather sole, and most importantly they are machine washable. How convenient is that! They also come in the most fun patterns and prints available.

With the amount of travel we do, I think these memory jars are the perfect solution for us. We have so many memoirs from all of our trips that I may need to buy these jars in bulk. The fun thing about this is that you don’t really need to go on long vacations to store the memories, it could very well be your day at the beach or a ski trip together. Whatever you choose, it is indeed a great craft to do together and spend some quality time with your little ones.

Patrick Hruby’s imaginary castle giant floor puzzle is on the top of my list. I can sit staring this for hours together. Anyone can tell how difficult it is to use so many colors in one product and make it as cohesive as this is. I’m personally a big fan of Charley Harper’s work, and as one can see here he has definitely inspired Patrick Hruby as well.

Polka is one of my favorite brands, it comes to us from Australia, Jo and Marika join forces to give us this wonderful line inspired by vintage, retro, modern futuristic, bohemian folk prints and patterns. This is definitely a sure “pick me up” brand for me. You can buy them through this delightful store called Little Pinwheel, which carries all the Australian brands you want you little tot to be seen in under one roof.

Have a great weekend, I’m traveling again for a bit so will catch you the earliest I can next week. Until then…

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January 14, 2011   4 Comments

School style for Spring 2011

A friend needed some help in picking up spring styles for her preschoolers and I promised to put a few pieces together for her. I know there are so many different brands out there offering a wide variety in all shapes, colors and patterns. However, for this exercise I decided to stick to the big box brands that I have worked with over the past years, primarily because I know the quality of construction and fabrics that they use and definitely know they will stand up for more than a season’s worth of school and play time!

1. Fedora, 2. Patchwork Anorak , 3 .Gingham checked shirt, 4. Belted shorts, 5. Red socks, 6.White canvas high tops

1. Striped henley, 2. Graphic cap, 3. Plush jacket, 4. White twill pants, 5. Batman rolling schoolbag, 6. Mocassins

1. Wayfarers, 2. Graphic tee, 3. Striped hoodie, 4. School bag, 5. Twill Pants, 6. slip on

1. Cap, 2. Hooded pea coat, 3. Graphic tee, 4. Starwars lunch bag, 5. Checked cargo shorts, 5. Metallic shoes

1. Toggle cardigan, 2. Color blocked tee, 3. Lunch bag, 4. Sandals, 5.Shorts

1. Striped tee, 2. Reversible vest, 3. Jeans, 4. Backpack, 5. Checked slip on

These are just a few to give you a head start for the season. Make sure you get your spring school wardrobe all laid out, have fun and play with what the brands have to offer for the season. As said by Lauren Hutton “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year, style is what you pick out of that fashion”

So go ahead and style yourself, for style is personal and no one knows you better than you!

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January 20, 2011   1 Comment

Friday finds…It’s all about type today!

This is one chest of drawers from Kent and London that I absolutely MUST have! It’s made of oak wood, and is inspired by old printing blocks. I think they will fit perfectly well in my office space and help me with all my filing(alphabetically!)

If you have a little one who’s just learning how to spell, this might be one of those pieces you want hanging in his/her room. These are the works of Michael Irving Ambigrams. Take a look around, he has some fun stuff to share.

Negative space alphabet illustration by Ampersand Design Studio, I love the interplay of the colors and forms used here.

Infuse play and style into clean up time. Frankly I think I might have have a hard time washing my hands with these Typography soaps via here, I think I might just display them instead!

A to Z magnatab, from the MoMA store is the perfect gift for the beginning writer. It guides the child through directional arrows and sequence numbers. Considering its the world of gadgets and e-book readers, this would fit right in, in a techie household perhaps!

Alphabet screen printed fabric in 100% cotton fabric from Summersville. It’s great to use in a kids room, wall art, window coverings, upholstery, almost anything you can think of. It’s versatile enough to use in yards or just swatches.

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January 21, 2011   1 Comment

Salad Dressing!

“Please join me today  to welcome my associate, the Totblogger! Totblogger is an advertising professional shuttling between the European and American continents with an interest in arts, design and fashion. She aims to bring an all-world sensibility to the Tot-a-style blog with posts that cover all aspects of design and fashion pertaining to kids. Due to a lot more ventures on the work front this year and my frequent travel schedule, she is going to helping me maintain my sanity on this blog! So here’s a first from her…”

Getting your little one to eat their veggies is no fun activity. (There are of course those lucky parents whose children just love veggies!) UK based brand Little Mashers will however beg to differ. Launched in 2007 by founder designers Clare Tomlinson and Andrew Davies who developed characters of vegetables (based on the produce they grow on their farm) to get their little son interested in the vegetables grown there, the brand has evolved to produce a range of “quirky and fun” clothing, accessories and gifts for babies and kids.

Their collections are all hand screen-printed in their studio and have undergone rigorous tests of numerous washes and activities to ensure their durability, a concern that most parents have. Their clothing and accessories are all made of 100% cotton and consist of long-sleeved, short-sleeved t-shirts as well as onesies, bibs and hats. The brand’s mission is to “nurture a life long interest in healthy eating” and they do it in such an utterly fun and delicious way!

I love the playfulness and quirkiness the brand exhibits, a regular twist on the quirky clothing and accessories we see for babies and kids out there. What makes these veggie delights especially appealing is the fact that parents can actually help their kids connect dots so to speak with healthy and fun.

Here’s to having fun with veggies!!!

P.S. Do check out some healthy and delicious recipes on Little Mashers’ site for your kids.

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January 24, 2011   No Comments

Comfort, fun and whimsy all in one package!

With a new generation of brands giving us modern and edgy clothes for our little ones, we tend to fall into a trend cycle. It wasn’t long before smart entrepreneur Rebecca understood the need for a whole range of kids clothes, made especially for the child within. She believes in making clothes that are comfortable, modern and fun without being all grown up. Thus was born Petit Couture, which includes adorable baby layettes, toddler play outfits burn out tees and some fun graphic little girl dresses.

In addition to selling through their website they also retail at high end boutiques across U.S, Canada, Australia and Malaysia. These sets of their layettes and knot hat combos for infants in organic cotton definitely steal the show!

Their signature Owl logo had me excited at first look, and I love how well they are transitioned across their collection. The Owl here represents elegance, whimsy and modernity. It’s also noteworthy that they sure take comfort and ethical values seriously using Organic fibers and making sure their garments are fair trade produced.

I haven’t had the opportunity to personally check out the collection yet, will definitely give you a shout out later when I get around to it. Until then head over here and check out their latest offerings.

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January 26, 2011   2 Comments

Friday finds…

Scott Schuman sure has the eye when it comes to street photography, this picture speaks a thousand words to me. It has so much style that one can hardly surpass this without halting and introspecting into this strangers life and style choices. I absolutely love his bold pattern mixing, fabric choices, and his very well thought of accessories. There’s so much inspiration here that I can almost build an entire line just from this one picture!

How fun and clever is this Bike Shelf ?  I have to get one for myself and  I think they’ll do very well in a little boy’s room as well if you get one customized!

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes…Aren’t these just the cutest ever? We are cupcake obsessed at home. I’m all sold over those cute elephant ones, but my little strong guy seems to prefer the Lion!

I’m sure you know how much I love photography, this is one that caught my eye over the week. I love the composition and the color palette, now all I wish for is to be there…

Ah the ubiquitous scrabble. Like monopoly in the park, its now scrabble in the backyard. Guess what my next home project is going to be ?

All I could think of was that this would make a really fun interactive stay at home project for those snowed in or washed out days! We did our own versions of these hand painted animals and it was so much fun, it’s a great activity for kids, especially if they are allowed to paint someone else!

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January 28, 2011   No Comments

Bedtime Poetry

British themed PJ's

Sometimes with all the fabulous funky colours available in children’s clothing, you forgot how gorgeous pastel shades can be. I rediscovered my love for pastel shades while visiting Lunn Antiques stall at Bubble London. Lunn Antique’s first store was launched in 1976 at New Kings Road selling Juliet Lunn’s vintage clothing. They also now have an antique lace outlet at Portobello road selling 17th and 18th century laces. Mini Lunn is their collection of top quality cotton and silk nightwear for kids (2-8). Their nightwear collection features embroidered motifs representing specific themes and are just simply beautiful to behold, like bedtime poetry in recital.

Pirate PJ's

Ballerina PJ's

Wild West PJ's

Pirate Pillow covers to co-ordinate to your little one's pirate PJ's

P.S. We have lots of brands and collections from Bubble London to share with you along the way. Be sure to check back with Tot-a-style for a first-hand account of Bubble London.

All photos by tot-a-style – All rights reserved.

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February 1, 2011   1 Comment

Toykyo Kids

What do you get when a former supermodel and a talented graffiti artist collaborate? A super stylish collection with strong graphics!! Toykyo kids is the brainchild of graffiti artist Bue and former top model An Oost. They believe in quality alongside creativity, and work together to give us this wonderful unisex collection for kids in the age group of 2-12.

When Bue’s not  traveling around the world painting walls, he works for Toykyo creative agency in Belgium and helps create the Toykyo kids line. An takes care of  the PR for the brand, also produces the photo shoots of the catalogs and works together with Bue on the colors and styles of the collection. Together they bring us the essence of street art into kids clothes and are currently available at Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Hong Kong.

This whole collection has such a strong street vibe with its bold  graphics and strong  colors and what is also noteworthy is how easily it fits into a kids lifestyle without being gender biased. Such a refreshing change to see this outfit put together so confidently as shown here…

Chartreuse with Fuchsia! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

All images courtesy Toykyo kids photographed by Emilie Vercruysse

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Friday finds…

The easiest way to spruce up a space is through  wall decals. I know there’s a lot of them in the market these days, but how often do you come across one that serves function as well. These are chalkboard calendar wall decals, perfect for a home office or a kids room.

When I go on a holiday, I barely manage to get enough photographs to relive my experience. Now here’s someone who actually sketches her every day life and journals it through visuals!! Sketch away is a collection of Suhita’s sketches drawn on a day to day basis, be it her day at a coffee shop or her exotic holiday! She sells them as prints through her newly opened Etsy store, make sure you get your copy fast!

Earthentree gives us handmade ec0-friendly wooden toys that are colored using natural dyes. Perfectly safe and completely green for your precious little ones. This toy making craft is over two centuries old and comes from the Southern region of India called Channapatna. Watch the whole toy making  process here

The art of running stitches across lengths of fabric is a type of embroidery that originated from the West Bengal area of India. It’s refreshing to see this old art form being kept alive and introduced to the world in these sari quilts. There’s so much color and pattern here, and yet, an absolute sense of cohesiveness!

Oak tealight holders screen printed in folklore patterns by Sanna Annuka, a Finnish/English illustrator. She draws her inspiration from forests, lakes and wildlife.

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Keeping little feet warm

I was looking for some hand knitted little booties over the weekend. Sure there’s a lot of little booties and fancy socks and shoes for teeny tiny feet in the market. However nothing says warmth and love like a piece that has been made specifically for you or in this case your little bundle!

After quickly abandoning my efforts to create one myself,  I turned to my best resource as always, Etsy. There’s so much fun stuff there that all you have to do is click the pay button and get some adorable booties commissioned for your little one! They are still handmade, just not by you maybe… but made especially for your little one!

Moccasin booties in cotton with faux suede fringes. Now it can’t get more authentic than that!

The very popular BUGG booties from Indian summer is now part of a giveaway on their website. If this is a must have on your list like it is on mine, make sure you enter and win it!

Add some whimsy and fun to the bootie collection with this Mr.Mustache booties, hand-knitted and then hand embroidered.

Criss cross baby booties in two tone. I love the color combination here. It’s an absolute must for Spring!

Keeping up with Spring show trends should not be a problem at all, these booties seem to have taken a cue from the current espadrilles trend. A true fashion statement!

If you must have wool for those little feet, then this is it. Pure wool booties with pattern to set them apart!

If you like Argyle patterns, these loafer booties are a must. They even customize the yarn you want them in from silks, merinos to cottons and wool.

These are definitely your everyday booties, the button top booties are easy on your wallet and perfect for little feet!

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February 7, 2011   2 Comments

My time at Bubble London

Clothes, shoes, accessories, toys and lifestyle accessories! It was a hectic two days at the Autumn/Winter 2011 edition of Bubble London. There were over 250 brands to cover and less than 48 hours to cover them.

One of the brands that caught my eye was the fairly young brand P’tit Chic…De Paris from France. The brand is aimed at babies from 3 months old to children up till the age of 4.

The brand was launched in January 2010 by the mother-daughter duo of Christine Michelon and Jacinthe Bruscemi. Christine Michelon is the designer of the collections, having 30 years of experience in the children’s wear market in Europe and across the world. The brand bases its design philosophy on simple colours and soft fabrics that are easy to take care of. Fabrics used in the collections include organic cotton,French printed cotton, knitwear and Oexo-Tex denim .A design motif of “a funny little cat” runs across most of their collection which also serves as their logo.

I love this shirt featuring gnomes and the like; there is nothing that stirs the human imagination more than the beings of the faerie world, a part of their “Fairy & Dwarfs” collection for 2011/2012.

A look at their offerings this season

Rompers and vests featuring their logo and design motif, seen across their collections.

Double-breasted knit jacket in navy …perfect for the winter, a part of their “Winter Sailors” collection featuring striped knitwear and solid knit wears in colour reminiscent of a sailor.

A little small note for all of us to remember…Summer is almost here especially with this perfect little summer shirt in 100% cotton.

Bubble London has seen the launch of many children’s wear brands over the years and this edition was no different.

Dolls and Dirt was one of the brands that launched at Bubble London. Launched by Katy Bridgewater, Dolls and Dirt embodies the edginess and funk of the new generation kids.

I love the funk this moto logo full-sleeve tee. Another plus is that it is in this fresh green shade that I absolutely adore! As you can see here, this collection holds nothing back when it comes to embellishments!

I never ever get tired of Rock & Roll t-shirts. This grey one with the metal  embellishments carries a nice contrast to the black and yellow script.

We have seen a lot of tees with the tie print on it, I like this one a lot just because of the extra effort taken here to add the black sequins, and give it a nice “casual party” look .

This fun edgy t-shirt for little girls is exactly what I would have love to worn as a little girl. The t-shirt to me has the right amount of funk contrasted with a right amount of femininity for your punk rocker girl.

Moccasins in Sweden are very popular. This socks-shoe indoor footwear combo has been a mom favourite in Sweden for over so long that a staple feature of Swedish nurseries have been moccasin baskets. Moccis is the brainchild of London-based Swedish designer Anna Wetterlin and is the designer’s take on traditional Swedish moccasins. Launched in Winter 2008, Moccis are made of ecotex certified materials and have flexible leather soles that are anti-skid.The ankles have double elastic that prevents it from falling off while flexibility of the leather soles allow the muscles to develop. And for Autumn 2011 Moccis are bringing out a special edition of Wooly Moccis for feet that are always extra cold.

I guess I’ve got to stop now, or this show will just go on… until next time!

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February 9, 2011   2 Comments

Friday finds… A Valentine happiness!

Fruit stickers say it all! What a fun way to remind someone just how special they are. Twig&Thistle shares these fun Valentine fruit stickers on their site. All you have to do is print the pdf file and show some love.

Alphabet rings in sterling silver from artist Trudee Hill. I’d love one of these myself, the possibilities are endless! It’s almost like a game of scrabble on your fingers!

Custom made face stamps that are hand carved, seriously how fun and personal is that! I think the narcissist in me would love to have one of my face done and stamp it all over a tee… What a perfect valentine’s day gift for the hubby!

Hand illustrated and letterpress printed with soy based inks… It can’t get better than this! I love these cards from Luxe Paperie, via Paper Crave

“Boyfriend in a bottle”, it’s almost like a dream come true… You even get to personalize him and decided what he should look and like and what he can wear!!

Crayon hearts, a fun art project for the weekend. We did this at home a while ago and make some fun sun catchers in different shapes. Make sure to involve all the little pair of hands you have at home, they love it!

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February 11, 2011   1 Comment

Bonpoint love…

The French fashion house for kids Bonpoint has been around since the late 70′s and is today synonymous with understated elegance and exquisite quality. Their most recent collection, Spring Summer 2011 still stays true to these design values and gives us an array of elegant and quality clothes for kids to choose from .It is no wonder that Bonpoint is a favorite with pint-sized fashionistas like Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

I particularly like the play of colors in their Spring collection and love how brilliantly they have styled each and every one of their looks. It makes shopping so much more easier in today’s fast-paced world. There seems to be a trend here in the monochromatic palettes created and the many variations of tone on tones. The styling in this collection inspires me and I am all set to try the monochromatic hues soon.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my must-do’s from their collection this Valentine’s morning. Along with an e-commerce presence in the United states, they also retail in Beverly Hills, Florida, Chicago, Palm Beach and New York. The brand has over 80 stores across the globe, and can be found all through Europe, Asia, America.

I am going to post a little intermittently here, so please bear with the infrequent posts. I hope to see you all soon!

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Go green…start them young!

Recycle, re-use and reduce… the three R’s of sustainable living! Each of us have the opportunity to make a BIG impact on our environment by making a SMALL choice every single day. One of the things we use a lot at home are shopping bags. Be it a trip to the library, the grocer, the soccer game, the farmers market, the beach, we use one all the time. Here’s few that not only serve the green cause, but also makes sure we do it in style…

Kidzsack offers a range of eco friendly back backs that are screen printed as coloring book pages. They come with a set of washable markers, that can be used to paint the bags and one they are laundered the color comes off making the bags brand new and ready to paint all over again!

Envirosax needs no introduction, they are increasing in popularity with all ages and sexes thanks to their creative designs and color palettes. I personally love their latest whimsical range with the circus inspired tote being my absolute favorite.

Green girl world stays true to their statement, saving the earth never felt or looked so good. Perfectly sized totes for little hands to hold. They also have an equally inspiring adult line of totes.

Alphabet bags, These aren’t exactly for kids, but then again you know I can’t resist anything that has type and letterpress together. These bags also come as individual alphabets screen printed.

Here’s a fun DIY tote using heat transfers… these are pretty simple to do and shouldn’t take too much of your time either.

Did you ever think printing when you thought of PEEPS!! Here it is Peeps and some fabric paint, and you get yourself a fun colorful tote. With Easter not too far away these totes might be just what you want to make.

For those that are exceptionally handy, here’s the twenty minute tutorial on making your own from scratch…

Here’s to preserving the planet in STYLE for the next generation and many more to come.

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February 21, 2011   2 Comments

Tootsa Mac Ginty launches with an Autumn/Winter 2011 collection!

Kate Pietrasik, the creative visionary behind this new and exciting range believes that the world is filled with color and that nothing is ever impossible! Having worked in the fashion industry in France and Australia she finally moved back to the UK last year with her muse, her baby daughter. Since then she has taken it upon herself to create a neutral, non gender based unisex line of clothing for kids called Tootsa Mac Ginty.

It is indeed a refreshing change to see this collection filled with bright bold colors that are by no means restricted to boys or girls. You won’t see the over sweet candy pinks for the girls or sludgy colors claiming to be especially catered for the boys. What you see here is a fun, and playful collection which is not afraid to embrace color and showcase the playful nature of childhood!

It’s obvious that Kate loves her colors and she she knows her fabrics. The collection uses some fine composition of fabrics that will surely hold well for more than a few seasons. They are all pre washed and treated to ensure that little sensitive skins that don them will be more than happy to be seen in them all day through. There are no slogans or adult mimicking styles in this collection, she has stayed true to the spirit of childhood. Each piece has its own unique identity through the applique embroidery on it. This first collection from the Tootsa Mac Ginty line involves a lot of fun characters your little ones will relate to like Hedgehogs, foxes, badgers , owls and puffins.

The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection consists of Sweatshirts. T-shirts, Jumpers, Cardigans, Leggings, Dresses , Denim and Dungarees. They come in sizes from 3 months upto 5 years and will be available for purchase beginning July. I personally love the simplicity of the range and how beautifully each piece is crafted paying close attention to detail using contrast tapes, appliques, patches, and even fun pocket linings. Now that’s what I call an eye for design, it’s not loud and in your face…it’s almost a tease! Kudos Kate… We look forward to many more fun collections from you!

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February 23, 2011   2 Comments

Friday finds…For a rainy day!

We have a very wet forecast for the weekend, which means – stuck at home!!  Trying to figure out how to entertain a high energy toddler within closed confines got me scouring for indoor play ideas. I’ve listed a few below that are on my must-do list. I hope you find something here that will evoke your crafty side for the weekend!

DIY Kraft paper play mat This one’s a winner. It’s so versatile you can just about make it into anything you like – A park, a race circuit, a neighborhood… anything your little one (or you) want it to be. All you need is inexpensive rolls of Kraft paper and some paint. You could even recycle paper shopping bags by opening them out and using the inner side all taped together to give you one continuous sheet.

This is a fun way to incorporate old pencils or even small crayons into art. It’s also a great way to learn your alphabets. Get the kids to make their own colored pencil art for their rooms using their initials.

My little one recently got his first drum set and it’s been a lot of fun since then. As much as I like his drum set, I wish I had come across this earlier. This is a sculpture by Helmut Smits using recycled tin cans and metal wire found via. It definitely is a lot of work, but so worth it, a perfect weekend project!

No indoor play is ever complete without that perfect tent or Tepee. So why not just make one yourself. This particular one was featured as a Valentine’s day fort, but I think in a house filled with kids, this could just be your go-to space any day.

DIY kids grocery store seen on Lushlee. Perfect for hours and hours of pretend play…love all the detail that has gone into this.

How absolutely charming is this. If you have a slightly older kid who is into crafting with paper, this just might be the perfect craft to try. This is a pendant style light made of 33 paper houses using vintage cookbook paper! I must admit, this is not going to be something little hands at my home are going to be working on, but I just might give it a shot one of these days!

Yarn pendants in rainbow colors found via. I remember making these a lot growing up. It’s amazing how timeless such an activity can be. A few colored yarns, lots of white glue, and some balloons are all you need for this absolutely satisfying craft. You could even try and hang these together in different lengths and used them as pendant lights!!

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February 25, 2011   5 Comments

More from the stands at Bubble

I am back with more coverage on the Bubble London show. So without further ado, lets get into it right away.

One of the brands that caught my eye was the new brand called Beau Loves from the UK. The brand featured clothes and accessories that plays up the quirkiness and fun elements that we have seen trending in children’s clothes in the last decade or so. The brand is all about “Wit and Wisdom” and I think it reflects perfectly in their clothes and accessories. Started by Faye Wilde, a UK based mother who aims to find “quirky, fun and yet functional” clothes for her little boy Beau after whom the brand has been named.

Launched in Bubble 2011, the brand features unisex clothing and accessories for babies and tots.  Though the brand features clothing, I do think their playful bibs would be the one that catches most people’s eye, at least it did mine!

I love the leopard spotted bib, I guess I have a big weakness for skulls and I think this bib gives that right bit of panache for the discerning baby with an attitude!

This bib featuring the Mexican sugar skill print is one of my favourites among all the other skull print bibs.

The pirate dog bib is just way too adorable!

I loved the “Back” and “Front” t-shirts and I think this particular pair of t-shirts most definitely brings forth their “Wit and Wisdom” philosophy  particularly well.

Bibs surrounding the skull logo of Beau Loves

Peace full-sleeve t-shirt with a tutu skirt. How hip can your kid get wearing this!

I love this collection and we may have seen the skulls and animal prints before but I still think Beau Loves brings a fair amount of freshness to them. All their bibs are made out of PVC coated cotton. The material is durable & practical and can be easily rinsed and wiped. They also have velcro fastening for quick removals. The front pocket on the bibs are just what is needed for those  spills and crumbs that inevitably will drool out of your little one’s mouth.

Spanish brand Paz Rodriguez just made me want to have a baby! And I said this to the owner of the brand at Bubble London. The company founded in 1970 presented a beautiful range of quality clothing in natural fabrics such as merino wool and organic cotton for babies and children from 0-12 years. The collection featured gorgeous pastel shades alongside contrasting and bright colors and the result was symmetry of beautifully crafted timeless clothing incorporating the trendy styles of 2011.

This gorgeous grey dress with contrasting pink and white dots that have been embroidered in and also has such beautiful detail at the yolk neckline. Simply beautiful!

Navy blue knit dress with a contrast fuchsia trim.

Shorts in blue with suspenders. I love this chambray blue, it seems so relaxing.

Pastel Pinks may not be everyone’s favourite but how gorgeous is this dress!

This collection is just beautiful with an old world feel about it. I loved the look and feel of the whole collection and really got my mommy bone tingling for just a second. Paz Rodriguez is selling in Spain, London, Paris, Milan and New York and countries in all five continents.

Make sure you take sometime and see what both of these very different brands have to offer. Beau loves gives you fun and quirky, while Paz Rodriques takes you back to the old world charm of needle points, crochets and dainty little outfits.

Beau Loves

Image via Beau loves

Paz Rodriguez

Image via Paz Rodriguez

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