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“Look” like your home!

I must confess I am a design addict. I watch every design show on television possible, record it (never deleting it!!), sometimes watch it again to catch any nuance I missed. HGTV’s design star is one of them, and the recent winner of the series, Emily Henderson, is my absolute favorite. She is an interior stylist and will soon host her own show Secrets from a stylist this spring.

What Emily does is that she designs a room around your wardrobe, making sure your home reflects your personality. Taking a cue from her work and also from Rachelle at Kenziepoo, here is a  first from the “Look like your home” series. In this case, a kids room that I saw on Ohdeedoh.

I chose this particular room because the concept behind the coloring here appeals to my aesthetics. I love how they have been liberal with the neutrals in the palette and used accents of turquoise and sage green to pop. It’s a great rule to follow when in doubt,  go overboard with your neutrals and play it safe with the accents.

Have fun with your home and your wardrobe, after all style is personal and is a reflection of who you are!

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1 Priya Kesavan { 11.19.10 at 9:12 pm }

Cool idea!! And just like our wardrobe is fluid changes with time, seasons and moods, our rooms should also also follow :)

2 Tot stylist { 11.19.10 at 9:20 pm }

Absolutely! I think its a great exercise… :)

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