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New threads and treads

New Year resolutions as we all know are made to be broken! or so they have been with me.  So this year I’ve decided to stay clear of making resolutions and to live life one day at a time. No plans, no schedules, no to-do list, just a “thrown in wind journey” it is for us this 2011. Of course that being said I did have to make a note to self of sorts,to only buy things that I absolutely truly love. I do admit that more often than not I end up buying on impulse and am left with clothes that I don’t always need or just don’t fit they way it should.

Today’s new threads for my little dude was my first purchase this new year. I’ve been having a hard time with all this gender specific color associations. Who says pink and purple don’t do well in a masculine closet? Pair them well, pair them with dark tones, grey, navy, blue, tan and slate and you’ll be convinced about how wonderful and versatile these non traditional colors are in a little boys wardrobe. Go ahead give them a try if you haven’t already, bring in some magic into their wardrobes this new year!

Tee – Old Navy, Sweater – Zara, Plaid pants – H&M, Cap – GAP, Suede Moccasin – Zara, Belt -Zara
<i>Tee -<span mce_style=”color: #000000;” style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 0);”> Old Navy,</span> <span mce_style=”color: #000080;” style=”color: rgb(0, 0, 128);”><a target=”_blank” mce_href=”” href=””>Sweater – Zara</a></span>, Plaid pants – H&amp;M, Cap – GAP,           <a target=”_blank” mce_href=”” href=””>Suede Moccasin – Zara</a></i>,<a target=”_blank” mce_href=”” href=””><i> Belt -Zara</i></a><br mce_bogus=”1″>
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1 betsy { 01.03.11 at 8:37 am }

love those mocasins! He rocks the pink!

2 Tot stylist { 01.03.11 at 11:46 am }

Thank you Betsy… he seems to love them a lot too…

3 Alix*modernkiddo { 01.11.11 at 4:31 pm }

awww your boy is so cute! i love how you dress him. You should submit him to the Weekly Kiddo! I would love to show him off to our readers, if you don’t mind! ITt’s so hard to find a cute little guy with cool style!

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