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Friday Finds!

Micro sculptures of all the 26 alphabets by Brazilian born, Connecticut based artist, Dalton Ghetti. He carves these out of graphite pencils using a sewing needle, knife, razor blade and loads of patience!

Innobaby Din Din Smart stainless steel bus platter – Perfect for those auto loving fussy eaters. I love these as they have no plastic in them and is made of stainless steel, something we grew up on as kids.

Bedtime bus roll poster – This is an absolute must in my house, where none of us seem to have any kind of schedule! Hopefully something like this will keep us in track and of course it’s a great piece of art to have around.

Tree bookshelf by Shawn Soh{via Poppy Talk} – A perfect whimsical piece to add to a kids room.  No kids room can have enough book shelves, and a piece like this is all you need to inject some fun into any room.

Funky Lunch{via hostessblog} – Who can resist these sandwiches? Truly? My eyes lit up when I saw these, and now I just have to try my hand at these for a few school lunches!

The a-chair – I absolutely LOVE this, it combines my love for furniture design along with my love for typefaces! It was realized at the Royal college of Art and is made of 250 sheets of cardboard!!

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1 Sabita { 01.07.11 at 4:34 pm }

The sandwiches are so artsy that I would never be able to eat them…

2 Divya@Soundhornplease { 01.07.11 at 4:51 pm }

S- Sending you an email about your comment on SHP. I forwarded your microsculpture image to a zillion junta today. Fantastic find! All the other images, I’ve come across in other design blogs.

3 Tot stylist { 01.07.11 at 8:30 pm }

@Sabita – They really are, but then again I guess it’s like all those fantastic cakes you see these days.
@Divya – Just checked out Gnaana, love the concept, especially for Indian kids brought up outside of India, introduces the wonderful culture of the country. Thank you

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