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School style for Spring 2011

A friend needed some help in picking up spring styles for her preschoolers and I promised to put a few pieces together for her. I know there are so many different brands out there offering a wide variety in all shapes, colors and patterns. However, for this exercise I decided to stick to the big box brands that I have worked with over the past years, primarily because I know the quality of construction and fabrics that they use and definitely know they will stand up for more than a season’s worth of school and play time!

1. Fedora, 2. Patchwork Anorak , 3 .Gingham checked shirt, 4. Belted shorts, 5. Red socks, 6.White canvas high tops

1. Striped henley, 2. Graphic cap, 3. Plush jacket, 4. White twill pants, 5. Batman rolling schoolbag, 6. Mocassins

1. Wayfarers, 2. Graphic tee, 3. Striped hoodie, 4. School bag, 5. Twill Pants, 6. slip on

1. Cap, 2. Hooded pea coat, 3. Graphic tee, 4. Starwars lunch bag, 5. Checked cargo shorts, 5. Metallic shoes

1. Toggle cardigan, 2. Color blocked tee, 3. Lunch bag, 4. Sandals, 5.Shorts

1. Striped tee, 2. Reversible vest, 3. Jeans, 4. Backpack, 5. Checked slip on

These are just a few to give you a head start for the season. Make sure you get your spring school wardrobe all laid out, have fun and play with what the brands have to offer for the season. As said by Lauren Hutton “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year, style is what you pick out of that fashion”

So go ahead and style yourself, for style is personal and no one knows you better than you!

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1 betsy { 01.21.11 at 8:13 am }

great choices! I am excited for spring especially since it is COLD today.

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