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Party wear for the urban crawler

Dressing up your baby can be a very daunting task especially for a new mom. It’s that time of the year now when we get our dancing shoes out and why should your little one be an exception.

Three important words to remember when buying clothes for infants would be safety, comfort and practicality. That sure does not mean lay low on style… absolutely not!

A few pointers to remember when shopping for infants:

  • Avoid itchy fabrics, trims or accessories near the face and neck, if you see those tiny hands grabbing at something and throwing it away , please don’t try and put it back on them. This is their way of saying ” take it off, it hurts”
  • Avoid using ties or bow-ties, they have their whole life ahead of them to sprout those.
  • Avoid overdressing. Too many layers = unhappy baby = unhappy parent!
  • Always use socks on little feet, some fancy shoes tend to rub against those delicate feet and annoy them.
  • If your little one is already ahead in the rat race and is up on his feet make sure his pant lengths do not bother or interfere with his walking.
  • Definitely have a back-up outfit on hand. You can never be too prepared for poops and burps.

Here’s a few of my favorite combinations for this season giving style and comfort equal importance.

suited up

suited up by tot stylist on

Let me know how these work for you and little ones, and I’d be really happy to put up pictures of your dandy little fellow in his party outfits. Please feel free to mail them to me using the contact me page and I would be really happy to upload them here.

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1 anupama { 11.09.10 at 11:05 am }

Nice work TotStylist! I can imagine the creative work that goes behind your creation of that easy looking but perfect wardrobe…As they say, you have to work hard to create an easily put-together look :)

My personal favorites – The Rebel & Retro.

2 anupama { 11.09.10 at 11:15 am }

and Heritage too.

3 Tot stylist { 11.09.10 at 11:18 am }

:) Thank you… it’s a fun experiment, try it out… besides there never is a right or wrong here as it’s all about breaking rules!

4 Jui { 11.10.10 at 9:35 am }

Thanks so much! These are terrific ideas. I just got the little tweed blazer from Children’s Place, and now I might just have to get the red tie onesie too! Cute!

5 Tot stylist { 11.10.10 at 3:30 pm }

Thank you… if you liked the onesie, here’s a similar one from 77kids. This one also has a rad skull print tie!

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